Six people stand in a room to celebrate Sri Lanka's newest airline, FitsAir. The middle two people are pictured cutting a cake.
| © FitsAir via Twitter

Earlier this week, Sri Lanka’s newest airline took to the skies on its inaugural international flight to Dubai. FitsAir, formerly known as ExpoAir, is Sri Lanka’s first and only private airline.

FitsAir Flies to Dubai For the First Time

Passengers flying with FitsAir will now be able to board a flight to one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities from Sri Lanka’s main airport, Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport. The inaugural flight, as documented above by the airline itself, happened on October 5th and will continue to operate at a frequency of three times a week.

The airline begins operations in the midst of an economical crisis in Sri Lanka. With a lack of fuel currently affecting the nation, the timing of Fitsair’s appearance in the aviation industry would seem to be one of misfortune. However, the airline is surprisingly optimistic about its future as it prepares to create a small hub in Jaffna Airport, located in northern Sri Lanka.

Fight for the Skies: Sri Lanka’s Newest Airline in Competition With Struggling Sri Lankan Airlines

Although only having a few days as an active airline, talks of competition between FitsAir and Sri Lankan Airlines are already in the air.

Things haven’t been looking too good for Sri Lanka’s flag carrier as in the past it has been forced to cut down on several routes due to the effects of the pandemic, and the current state of Sri Lanka’s economy led to the government partially selling the airline. This, along with a new, low-cost airline, could potentially lead to Sri Lankan Airlines’ fall from grace as FitsAir swoops into the scene.

As of now, FitsAir is flying with six aircraft in its fleet, but with plans to continue its flight expansion with more routes to more airports, it’s safe to say that the skies are looking clear for this promising airline.

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