Singapore Airlines Refurbishing All A380s in the Fleet

by Ankur Deo

The COVID-19 has forced airlines to focus on increasing the efficacy of their fleet. In an attempt to deliver a quality product, Singapore Airlines is currently refurbishing all remaining Airbus A380 aircraft in their fleet. On the other hand, to save costs, the airline has recently scrapped seven A380 older aircraft. This leaves them with just a dozen double-deckers. 

Singapore Airlines has 12 A380s currently in their fleet. ©WikiCommons

What is the Status of Singapore’s A380?

Singapore Airlines had taken delivery of 24 Airbus A380 aircraft between from 2007 and 2018. After completion of their 10 year mark, the carrier ended the leases on five of them, thereby, leaving them with 19 A380s. This month, however, the airline also announced it will be retiring seven more super jumbos – thereby, just leaving 12 A380s in their paraphernalia. While this may be dismal, it is indeed bracing to learn that the airline does not have any plans to downsize its A380 fleet any further, any time soon.

According to reports, Singapore Airlines is reconfiguring all 12 A380s with new cabins. Accordingly, the odds are good that by the time they take to the skies after aviation restores to pre-Covid levels (which might be somewhere in 2021, or later), the whole A380 fleet will showcase brand new interiors and offer state-of-the-art, ultramodern product to the travellers. While this is one of the most expensive aircraft to retrofit and reconfigure, it is indeed surprising that Singapore Airlines is splurging so much cash at a time when staying afloat is a challenge for a multitude of airlines!

The new business class product of SIA. ©Airbus

The New First and Business Class Product

Singapore Airline’s new A380 First Class Suites have been hugely appreciated by the customers; there are just six of them in a spacious 1-1 configuration. Notably, the old suites cabin had double the capacity, with 12 seats, which means that even after a tumultuous year of less travel demand and series of losses, Singapore Airlines has not compromised on quality of the product and has instead, focused on delivering a top-notch experience to their customers with increased room and better space utility.

Singapore Airlines new First Class product. ©Pintrest

As of now, eight Singapore Airlines A380s already showcase the new cabins. One aircraft is currently being worked on, while three more will be reconfigured in the coming months. All in all, even if the A380s shall remain out of action for a year (or longer, perhaps), when they will be back, they will be far more exciting, grand and modish. Every cloud has a silver lining, after all!

Are you excited to travel on Singapore Airlines’ reconfigured A380? Let us know in the comments!

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