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Singapore Airlines is coming back strong in Australia © Andrea Ongaro/Travel Radar

Have you ever been on a 1 hour flight in economy class that serves a full meal, unlimited beverage service and extremely comfortable seats? It may seem impossible- but it does exist- on Singapore Airlines’ service from Milan to Barcelona!

Now you may ask, WHY is Singapore Airlines operating a short-haul route in Europe. Well the answer is pretty simple- this short 1h 35min flight is part of Singapore Airlines’ fifth freedom route network. It acts as a connection for passengers coming from Singapore Airlines’ flight from Singapore to Milan to extend their journey to Barcelona! 

However, I have good news- Singapore Airlines’ recently started allowing passengers to board the flights between Milan and Barcelona, which was previously only allowed for connecting passengers to Singapore. This makes it the best short-haul economy class in Europe. Flights SQ377 and SQ378 operate this route every day, utilising the airline’s Airbus A350-900s.

Singapore Airlines aircraft taxiing
Singapore Airlines operates this fifth-freedom route every day with their Airbus A350|© Andrea Ongaro / Travel Radar

Let’s move on to why this flight is the BEST. If you have ever been on Singapore Airlines’ before- you know that their service is impeccable. The crew are well-trained and friendly, and the food is delectable! Now imagine, all of this, in JUST a 1 and a half hour flight.

Singapore Airlines’ seats onboard this flight features In-flight entertainment screens with tons of free movies, adjustable headrests and spacious legroom (32 inches)! They also have pillows and blankets upon request. As for food and beverage, the airline will serve 1 meal service, consisting of an array of pastries, paired with drinks of your choice. There is also a free flow of lots of beverages- tea, coffee, wine, coke, you name it!

Special Menu for Singapore International Airlines
Singapore Airlines has one of the best in-flight meals in the world | © Singapore Airlines


The ticket also comes with plenty check-in baggage, much like any other non-budget carrier. It is by far the best short-haul economy class in Europe. Have you seen a one-hour flight with movies, and unlimited food? Of course, Singapore Airlines’ services in Asia have the same standard, but this sight is extremely rare in Europe.

However, all good things come at a slightly higher premium- an average ticket on this flight costs about USD$145 while the average costs on budget airlines are about USD$60. Keep in mind that the budget airlines do not allow check-in baggage, but Singapore Airlines does.

Have you ever flown with Singapore Airlines? Comment below your experience.


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