Royal Air Maroc Launches Ambitious Flying Schedule For Expected Summer Surge

Royal Air Maroc has announced an ambitious flying schedule for an expected summer surge, deploying a reinforced flight program to most of its destinations. In a positive environment characterised by a solid rebound in business and leisure travel, Royal Air Maroc will make 6.2 million seats on more than 90 locations on four continents available.

6.2 million Seats In More Than 90 Destinations

The launch of new routes in 2022, including those to Tel Aviv, Dubai, Seville, and Porto, as well as the resumption of nearly all of the routes that had been interrupted during the health crisis, are the sources of this boost in supply. Around 95% of Royal Air Maroc’s 2019 network has been serviced as of right now. As a result, the business is utilising its new skills to make it simpler for its clients to travel over the summer, particularly Moroccans everywhere.

Re connect Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc will offer 200,000 seats on its Middle East routes. © Royal Air Maroc

More than 2.3 million seats will be deployed on the European continent, and some 902 flights per week will connect 11 Moroccan airports to 34 European airports. In North America, Royal Air Maroc will offer nearly 500,000 seats – 6% more than the offer proposed in the summer of 2019.

In addition, Royal Air Maroc will offer 200,000 seats on its Middle East routes, a 25% increase over the offer in the summer of 2019.

Lines Between Northern Morocco And Europe

The routes linking Europe to the North of Morocco will have six additional Lines. This summer, Royal Air Maroc will begin six new nonstop flights connecting Europe to Northern Morocco. Strengthening the ten regular air routes linking Tangier, Nador and Oujda to European cities. Royal Air Maroc will schedule three additional direct lines linking Tangier to Madrid, Barcelona and London. It will also set up two direct links linking Nador to Madrid and Barcelona. An additional direct air route will connect Oujda to Düsseldorf.

Royal Air Maroc’s Route Map
Royal Air Maroc will begin six new nonstop flights connecting Europe to Northern Morocco. © Royal Air Maroc

This increase in supply comes as a result of the reopening of new lines to Tel Aviv, Dubai, Seville, and Porto in 2022 and the restoration of nearly all of the roads that were shut down during the health crisis.

Additional Six Charter Aircraft

Six aircraft have been authorised for the middle of the year. Air Maroc will purchase six aircraft from globally renowned companies to bolster its assets and provide the best possible launch for this programme.

Royal Air Maroc ATR 72-600
ATR 72 -600. © One World

Royal Air Maroc’s standards for safety and comfort guide the selection of these most recent aircraft. Their availability is the result of a stringent procedure that adheres to the guidelines and standards established by the civil aviation authorities of the nations in which they operate.

Mr Hamid ADDOU, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Air Maroc, says 

“Succeeding this 2023 summer season in conditions of operational efficiency and quality of service is a major challenge for all of Royal Air Maroc’s driving forces, at a time when our sector of activity is regaining a very positive dynamic.

And we are giving ourselves the means to meet the expectations of all our categories of customers in all of our markets, both quantitatively, through a massive increase in injected capacity, and qualitatively through an ever-improving customer experience.”

Also, there will be a special strengthening in the areas that are home to sizable Moroccan communities around the world and are in great demand in the summer. There will be two flights every day on the routes connecting Casablanca with Barcelona, Bologna, Malaga, Madrid, Brussels, and Milan as a result.

Will you take advantage of this new flight schedule? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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