How Cool is Really Cool Airlines? A Peek into the Thai Start-up Airline

You have not misread, Really Cool Airlines is the official name of Thailand’s latest start-up announced earlier this week, aiming to start operations by the end of 2023.

With recruitment advertisements starting to surface in the middle of March, the official announcement for the launch of the fledging carrier was announced earlier this week, by no other than the former CEO of Nok Air, Mr. Patee Sarasin.

“We fly the future” – Really Cool Airline Slogan

According to Patee, the airline will position itself between a full-service and a low-cost carrier (LCC). However, instead of being an interpolate between a full-service and an LCC, the airline will deviate from the range and find its own position as a “unique company” and surpass previous standards. Started on a virtual platform as a game, the airline aims at being a new-age physical airline that defies previous expectations but with no compromise to safety.

Really Cool Airlines Airbus A350
Really Cool Airline will announce its network for the initial launch as soon as June this year|©ReallyCoolAirlinefacebook

The Man Behind the Scene – Patee Sarasin

As the former long-time CEO of Thai LCC Nok Air, Patee Sarasin comes from a wealthy Thai-Chinese family with well-established influences in the political and economic sectors of Thailand. Patee’s father, Arsa Sarasin, served as the Thai King’s private secretary until he retired back in 2012. With such a profound connection ingrained into the country and Patee’s extensive experience in the field of advertising and aviation, the reception from the public and even from the Governor is generally positive.

Patee Sarasin former CEO of Nok Air. Founder Really Cool Airline|©linkedin
Patee Sarasin as the former long-time CEO of Thai LCC Nok Air, now founder of Really Cool Airline|©linkedin

Blessed by Bangkok Governor to aid the recovery tourism.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, formerly the Minister of Transport, had stated the start-up will play a role in helping the recovery of the Thai tourism industry.

“We are excited to see what the future holds for Really Cool Airlines and look forward to their inaugural flight.” – Chadchart Sittipunt- Governor of Bangkok.

As the Tourism Authority of Thailand (ATA) is targeting 30 million tourists arrival this year, which is approximately 80% of the number in pre-pandemic in reference to 2019, the TAT had stated the country will need more airlines to augment flights in and out the country.

Really Cool Airline Thai Start-up
“We Fly the Future” – the slogan for Really Cool Airline|©ReallyCoolAirlinefacebook

“Think Globally” Really Cool Airlines is going International!

The announcement this week scheduled the reveal of the routes as early as June this year. Whilst the network is not confirmed, the start-up is likely to focus on international flights as it aims to bring in international tourists for the resurgence of tourism. The promotional video of Really Cool Airlines teased destinations such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, and China. This coincides with their plan to initially operate with the Airbus 350-900s as they are currently in talks with the European manufacturer. The start-up aims at acquiring up to 29 aircraft by 2029.

Whilst the name of the airline had definitely made an impression on the public. Could Patee live up to his name to recreate a niche in the saturated aviation industry in South East Asia? What do you think? Let us know below. For more up-to-date aviation content from TravelRadar, click here.

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