As this year’s Fifa World Cup will be held in Qatar from the 20th of November to the 18th of December, Qatar Airways is preparing for the busy month ahead as it will become the number one airline of choice for millions of travellers. The airline has announced that it will provide football fans with the opportunity of exclusive travel packages.

Qatar Airways Offers Fifa World Cup 2022 Travel Package
Qatar Airlines gets into the football spirit © Wikimedia Commons

How will this work?

In celebration of being the first Fifa World Cup to be held in the Middle East, Qatar Airways is determined to mark the occasion and treat those flying with them in the process.

To access this deal, individuals must visit Qatar Airways’ website where they will be able to locate the various package deals on offer. Each deal will enable travellers, despite their budget, the opportunity to access Fifa World Cup 2022 match tickets alongside affordable accommodation and flight deals to Doha, Qatar. This is not the first incentive that the airline has introduced to celebrate the World Cup as the carrier had an interactive bus tour across Europe to help ignite the excitement of football fans.

The Group Chief Executive of Qatar Airways, Mr Akhbar Al Baker, shared his and the airline’s excitement at the thought of being able to help host the visitors at the next Fifa World Cup Tournament.

“We are excited to welcome fans from all across the globe to Qatar. With one month to go until the FIFA World Cup 2022, and as the World’s Best Airline, we want to offer football fans the gift of being here in Qatar to witness the greatest show on earth later this year. The fan travel packages give a whole new meaning to the act of giving. This extraordinary gift will open doors to experience memories that will last a lifetime with your loved ones.”

The Fifa World Cup being hosted in Qatar, Doha will surely benefit the airline economically. With over 32 nations being involved in the battle of winning the World Cup title, the country will be extremely busy as it prepares to open its doors to thousands of travellers.

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