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Qantas has recently faced backlash as a passenger has only recently received their missing bag from the airline, three months after being lost.

Further Details

Emma Bradley, a passenger who travelled onboard a Qantas flight from Perth to Wales on the 3rd of June to visit her parents, had her trip ruined as staff members informed her that her bag had been left in Singapore whilst travelling. As a result of this, the passenger was forced to replace her clothes and items that were in her bag, adding up to a high total of $1,300. Despite Perth facing a clear struggle, she has stated that the airline only offered her a small sum of $120 in compensation.

In an interview with The Guardian, Bradley explained that despite being wronged by the airline, the process in getting her belongings back proved extremely difficult, affecting her holiday.

“It just never came, my month at home was me calling Qantas every week, them telling me ‘you’ve called the wrong department,’ me being like ‘this is the number they told me to call.’”

Despite spending a whole month in Perth, Bradley did not hear much from the airline. It was not until two whole months after she had returned back to her home in Cardiff did Qantas call and return her bag.

Nothing New for the Industry?

Unfortunately, this is not a new issue, with many passengers falling victim to this. Many airline customers were heavily affected by this at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a huge shortage of staff and overpacked airports. Statistical data collected by the U.S Department of Transportation revealed that during April 2022 almost 220,000 bags were either ‘lost damaged, delayed or stolen’. Emma Bradley is not the only traveller who has recently complained about the airline losing their belongings as several have admitted to being victims of this. Ash Divakaran, a frequent flier with the airline shared with The Guardian that he has to use the airline to fly to Australia for work. However, in the last six months of travelling he claimed that the airline had lost his bags a total of six times.


Regarding the case of Emma Bradley, Qantas Airlines has released a statement claiming that they have since returned her bag and apologised for any inconvenience that this may have caused her.

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