Passengers Panic As Qantas Aircraft is Seen With Smoke and Flames Shooting From Engine at Sydney Airport

Havoc arose in Sydney airport this morning as a Qantas aircraft was forced to temporarily halt its flight due to the air traffic controller raising an alarm of an engine fire, leaving passengers terrified. The QF91 aircraft, which was supposed to take off from Sydney Airport at 7:40 am and fly to Noumea, New Caledonia was delayed and passengers were boarded onto another plane.

Rescue vans rush to plane
Rescue vans rush to Qantas aircraft to aid passengers | © Journal Break

Passengers led to safety amidst the chaos

The flight was in the process of flying as normal, yet was stopped abruptly when the pilot raised a ‘pan-pan’ alert, which implies that there is a low risk of danger present that doesn’t immediately cause any risk to life.  A total of over 100 passengers were escorted off the flight with the help of rescue crews and emergency services and were led to the terminal. The aircraft was then later moved to the terminal and accompanied back to the terminal. A spokesperson from Qantas Airlines has released a statement about the shocking affairs, reassuring the general public that neither the passengers nor members of staff came to harm.

“The pilots followed procedure and shut down the engine as a precaution after being alerted by the control tower while taxiing.” “There was no warning light in the cockpit and no sign of fire when the engine was shut down.” Engineers have inspected the aircraft and cleared it to return to service. Passengers have been re-accommodated onto another flight this morning.

A reoccurring issue

Unfortunately, the airline has faced many complications recently that have disappointed customers and caused major issues for them as a company. Last week Sunday, a computer glitch was reported that affected ‘up to a dozen domestic flights’ and left those waiting furious. Many shared their anger about the situation publicly on Twitter, emphasizing how the delays had ruined their travels. Though this occurred last week, the airline is still facing the consequences from it as Twitter users remain actively using the platform to share their anger upon the situation. A disgruntled passenger tweeted his thoughts today about the airline.

“Also, a huge ‘shout-out’ to @Qantas. Another flight, and yet another delay. At least it is consistent. Of course, I would much rather sit out the delay on the tarmac, as opposed to in the Lounge 🤦🏼‍♂️.”

Despite Qantas facing multiple issues recently that they have tried to overcome, it is quite apparent that many of the travellers have not felt supported and expected much more from the airline. After yet another incident affecting the airline, it is apparent that Qantas will have to reassure their customers that they do provide a trustworthy service.

Have you flown with Qantar airlines recently? Share your stories below.

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