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A shocking video shows the moment when a passenger punches a male flight attendant on board an American Airlines flight travelling from San José del Cabo, Mexico to Los Angeles. The incident took place this Wednesday, much to the surprise of both the travellers and cabin crew on board.

Passenger punches a flight attendant on board American Airlines flight
Travellers were left in shock as Alexander Tung Cee Lee was escorted off an American Airlines flight © youtube

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The male passenger, who has been since been named Alexander Tung Cuu Lee, has been taken into custody after causing an uproar on American Airlines flight 377. According to multiple witnesses, the male appeared to be agitated even before communicating and assaulting the flight attendant. Kevin, a traveller who was on board the flight has spoken to ABC news about the incident and claimed that he had heard the male whispering that “there are 10 killers on the plane” before getting violent. This comment caught the attention of both a female and male flight attendant who approached and confronted Alexander Tung Cuu Lee. Shortly before the violent incident took place, the male flight attendant could be heard asking the man if he was “threatening him” during a heated exchange of words.

The video footage, caught by passenger Barry Livingstone, displays the dramatic turn of events that took place despite the male flight attendant walking away from the passenger in an attempt to diffuse the situation. The video shows Alexander Tung Cuu Lee following the flight attendant and punching him quickly in the back of the head.

To protect everyone on board, flex cuffs were used by the cabin crew to tie the disgruntled passenger to his seat. He then remained in his seat until the plane landed and the Los Angeles Airport police were able to escort the passenger off the plane. Since Wednesday, Alexander Tung Cuu Lee has been detained and could be found guilty of committing a federal felony, which could lead to him facing up to 20 years imprisonment. American Airlines have released a statement regarding the incident, making it clear that the passenger will “never be allowed to travel” with them in the future.

“Our thoughts are with our injured flight attendants, and we are ensuring that they and their fellow crew members have the support they need at this time. Acts of violence against our team members are not tolerated by American Airlines.”

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