British Airways aircraft lined up at Heathrow Terminal 5
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British Airways is expanding its network across North American routes from Spring 2023 with frequent flights.

BA has added Las Vegas and Vancouver to its network, flying from London Gatwick North terminal.

Gatwick Airport British Airways
Gatwick is the second-busiest airport in the UK and the 10th busiest in Europe. Serves as a hub for British Airways. | © Reuters

The London Gatwick to Las Vegas route was last operational in 2019, prior to the pandemic, and flights are expected to start on 26 March 2023. Flights to and from Vancouver are expected to be operational from 19 May 2023.

British Airways also announced in early August it plans to begin its operations from London Gatwick to Guyana and Aruba from 26 March 2023.

Is there room for more American destinations with British Airways?

Despite the ongoing cancellations with short-haul flights in Europe, BA seems to be focusing more on its long-haul destinations as they are more of a priority when it comes to retaining customers, thus the need to expand its network route.

With the surge in ticket prices and the continued rise in inflation globally, loyal customers may be advised to plan their trips in advance. With the new normal of remote work, more people are looking to travel to warmer destinations when winter approaches and thus building demand in the aviation industry all year round.

The schedule of both routes is summarized below, with all times local. Like all of BA’s long-haul London Gatwick routes, they’ll use the B777-200ER.

  • London Gatwick to Las Vegas: BA2277,  11:00-13:50 (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday)
  • Las Vegas to London Gatwick: BA2276, 15:40- 09:40+1 (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday)
  • London Gatwick to Vancouver: BA2279, 12:00-13:35 (Monday and Wednesday to Sunday)
  • Vancouver to London Gatwick: BA2278, 15:25-08:40+1 (Monday and Wednesday to Sunday)



Will new routes make up for British Airways’ loss in revenue this past year or cause more demand? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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