Aerial view of Bihac City Centre
Bihac city centre skyline from an aerial view © Julian Nyca

The construction of Bihac Golubic International Airport is going through significant development. The airport located in the Northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina close to the Croatian border will serve the city of Bihac, with a population of just over 60.000 people.

Bihac Airport render
Rendered image of Bihac International Airport ©

State of construction

Plans for the airport have started since November 2017 and construction started in May 2019. Since then, it has seen certain stagnations due to lack of funds, however the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has started allocating funds for the expropriation of land plots nearby, raising a total of 2.5 million euros so far, out of the 10 million required.

Currently, the construction site still lacks a terminal building and a control tower. A test runway of 300 meters out of the 1.800 necessary was built so far. The next step is to compensate the land owners for the expropriation of their lands around the airport site. Once this is done, construction can continue. Anel Hadzic, head of Bihac Golubic Airport has stated that the airport may become operational in about three or four years.

Aerial view of Nacionalni park Una
Beautiful sights of Nacionalni park Una © Nacionalni park Una

Importance of Bihac Airport

Bihac Golubic International Airport would become Bosnia and Herzegovina’s fifth airport, after the ones in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Banja Luka and Mostar. The closest airport to Bihac would be the one in Banja Luka, a two and a half hour drive, or the one in the Croatian city of Zadar, which is around the same distance away. The construction of the airport would mean Bosnian citizens in the area would benefit of direct transport to European destinations without having to spend more time getting to other airports.

Bihac is the administrative centre of Una-Sana Canton, a beautiful region of Bosnia and Herzegovina with plenty of touristic potential. It is home to amazing sights such as the Nacionalni park Una or historic spots like Ostrozac Castle. Besides this, Bihac could prove to be an essential destination for people wanting to visit nearby Croatia. An airport in this area would make the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park much more accessible for travelers. The park is just a 40 minute drive away from Bihac. Currently, the fastest way to get there would be through the airport in Zadar, which is almost two hours away.

Besides all these, the new airport would create a lot of new jobs for residents and it would definitely stimulate the local economy. If you are interested in other project that were supposed to be done this year, you can check out this link.

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