25 Most Connected Airports in 2022

While aspects of business travel may change from year to year, the importance of speed and connectivity remains at the top of business travellers’ needs. Travellers and travel planners can benefit from selecting routes and airlines that transit through airports with the most convenient and fastest connections.

The Megahubs Index was compiled by OAG, the world’s leading provider of aviation data and analytics. In this index, airport connections are measured by the number of possible flights to and from an airport within six hours. According to the OAG, Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is the most connected airport in the world.

O’Hare International Airport in Chicago served 43,350 flights in six hours. O’Hare launched to #1 on the global stage with a total of 66 destinations served in August 2022 and ranked third in the world in terms of total capacity.

Chicago's O'Hare, the most connected airport in the world according to the OAG Megahubs Index. © Anete Lūsiņa
Chicago’s O’Hare is the most connected airport in the world according to the OAG Megahubs Index. © Anete Lūsiņa

Megahubs, which was last updated in 2019, provides new insights into how ongoing air travel disruption has affected global connectivity over the last three years. For the 2022 edition, the data is taken from the period September 2021-August 2022. Flight connectivity is determined by region and airline type. The dominant airline at each hub and the share of flights operated by that carrier are included in the rankings.

Airports in the United States dominate the top ten positions. Following Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport as the busiest, Dallas/Fort Worth is the airport with the most connections after Chicago’s O’Hare, followed by Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson and Seattle-Tacoma. They are all in the United States. There are fewer international flights from these airports, but domestic routes are extremely congested.

Outside the US, the most connected airport in 2022 is Mexico City Juarez (rank 8). In its report, OAG wrote that the airport remained operational during the pandemic and its flight service activity was almost at pre-pandemic levels.

For the Asian region, the airport with the busiest flights is Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi (ranked 13), followed by Tokyo Haneda Airport (ranked 14). Soekarno-Hatta Airport is ranked 21, one level below Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport in the Philippines.

The top 10 positions are dominated by airports in the United States. © CHUTTERSNAP
Most connected airports: the top 10 positions are dominated by airports in the United States. © CHUTTERSNAP

Turning to Europe, the first place was occupied by London Heathrow, followed by Istanbul Airport. Specifically for the Middle East and Africa zone, the top three positions are occupied by Dubai Airport, King Khalid Riyadh, and Hamad Doha.

Here’s a list of the 25 airports with the busiest flight connections in 2022:

1. Chicago O’Hare International (USA)
2. Dallas Dallas/Fort Worth International (USA)
3. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International (USA)
4. Seattle-Tacoma International (USA)
5. Denver International (USA)
6. Los Angeles International (USA)
7. New York J F Kennedy International (USA)
8. Mexico City Juarez International (Mexico)
9. Houston George Bush Intercontinental (USA)
10. Miami International (USA)
11. Newark Liberty International (USA)
12. Charlotte Douglas International (USA)
13. Delhi Indira Gandhi International (India)
14. Tokyo Haneda International (Japan)
15. San Francisco (USA)
16. Sydney Kingsford Smith (Australia)
17. Orlando International (USA)
18. Bogota El Dorado International (Colombia)
19. Toronto Lester B Pearson International (Canada)
20. Manila Ninoy Aquino International (Philippines)
21. Soekarno-Hatta Airport (Indonesia)
22. London Heathrow (England)
23. Istanbul (Turkey)
24. Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International (India)
25. Las Vegas McCarran International (USA)

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