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Travel Radar Media (TRM) aims to operate within the boundaries of United Kingdom law (Country of Registration), United States (Server Location) as well as International Law. We hope this page is simple to understand and jargon-free.

Privacy Policy

In a nutshell, Travel Radar Media handles personal data with the utmost of respect. Click here to read our full Privacy Policy.

Copyright Information

© Travel Radar Media Ltd. 2015-2020 

Except as permitted by the copyright law applicable to you, you may not reproduce or communicate any of the content on this website, including files downloadable from this website, without the permission of the copyright owner.

Unless otherwise stated, images and videos used in articles and around the site are copyright to Travel Radar Media Ltd. and may not be reused, sold or otherwise profited from by any third-party. You are permitted re-sharing/usage if you do so appropriately (I.e: Leaving Watermarks intact and giving credit and link back to this website). If you are interested in using our images or videos commercially, please see the ‘Work with Us’ page to discuss purchasing a license – We’d love to work with you! Personal use rights may be revoked at any time, by writing (Via mail, email or message) by Travel Radar Media Ltd. and you acknowledge the legal requirement on your part to remove such content as directed.

From time to time, we will use third-party images or videos in our articles/news. Where this is the case, we leave original watermarks intact and give credit to the original author (Or handle if sourced from Social Media). If you would like us to remove content, you will need to submit a ‘Takedown Request’ to us via mail, to our registered office address.

We may change these terms of use from time to time. Check before re-using any content from this website.

Complaints, Disputes & Feedback:

If you have a complaint, legal dispute or wish to leave feedback please see the paths to do so below:

General Enquiry Contact: hello@travelradar.aero

GDPR, Privacy & Legal: legal@travelradar.aero

Your Point of Contact will be Legal Manager, Atty Fernandez.

We will reply to all legal enquires within 7 working days.

Subsidiaries & ‘Trading As’ Names:

Travel Radar Media Ltd. is the umbrella company for several subsidiaries including: ‘Altitude Web’, ‘Travel Radar TV’, ‘Jumbo Jet’ and ‘VOR Productions’. These are known as ‘Trading As’ names under the Company Act 2006. In case of dispute or requirement to contact, please use the contact details found on the relevant subsidiary website and not ‘Travel Radar Media’ directly – For they are separate projects. Please submit urgent requests to our Projects & Innovation team on: Projects@travelradar.aero

Patents & Trademarks

The ‘Travel Radar Media’ logo, icon and website are all trademarks of Travel Radar Media Ltd. and may not be altered, re-distributed, rescaled, edited or utilised in any shape or form without prior legal consent.

Please address legal enquires to our legal team via: legal@travelradar.aero