Leeds-Bradford Airport to Take on More Flights in the Wake of Doncaster Closure

Airlines such as TUI and Wizz Air plan to increase their number of flights from Leeds-Bradford Airport (LBA) after Doncaster Airport is forced to close for good.

Transfer of flight routes

As of 31st October, a cut down on flight operations at Doncaster Airport will be underway. This comes in the midst of the airport’s difficulty making a profit after a steep fall in passenger numbers. However, despite an unfortunate demise, major airline companies plan to start increasing their flight capacity from neighbouring airport LBA, bringing with them a whole host of new holiday destinations. Both Wizz Air and TUI have announced plans to transfer all their Doncaster Airport routes to LBA. This decision may act as a slight source of comfort for some of those 800 individuals whose jobs were put at risk following Doncaster’s closure, as its nearby airport will now likely need to hire more staff to operate effectively.

On the bright side

Image of the bustling streets of Bucharest, Romania
Bucharest, Romania | © Dan V (@Dsvi)

As somewhat of a silver lining, fliers travelling from Leeds and surrounding areas will now be able to enjoy greater access to more popular destinations as of this autumn. Passengers in West Yorkshire will have additional opportunities to fly to places such as Ibiza, Majorca, Fuerteventura and Tenerife, as well as newly added locations. From the Greek Islands Santorini and Skiathos to the cities of Bucharest and Cluj – Napoca in Romania, the prospect of travelling just became even more exciting for those in and around the area of Leeds. Flights to such areas have been on sale since Thursday, 29th September and will be effective from Monday, 31st October.

Commercial and Business Development Director of TUI UK & Ireland, Richard Sofer, said [on the closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport], “We know that these customers will still want access to a great variety of holiday destinations, so it’s exciting to be able to offer this from other surrounding airports.” With TUI also adding flights to East Midlands and Manchester, we can already see the airline making good on its promise.

Will you be flying from Leeds Bradford Airport next summer? Where do you plan to go? Let us know in the comments!

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