LATAM Brasil Reduces Passenger Wait Times by Almost 50% Through Digitalization

LATAM Brasil, one of the largest airline companies in Brazil, has announced that it has successfully reduced passenger wait times by almost 50% through the implementation of digitalization measures.

According to the company, the implementation of online check-in, mobile boarding passes, and self-service kiosks have allowed them to streamline various processes and improve efficiency. These technologies have also made it easier for passengers to access information and complete necessary tasks, such as checking in for their flights.

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve the travel experience for our customers,” said Maria Santos, CEO of LATAM Brasil.

He further stated: 

“The implementation of digitalization measures has allowed us to significantly reduce wait times and provide a more convenient and efficient experience for our passengers.”

The reduction in passenger wait times has been well received by travellers, who have reported shorter lines and faster check-in processes.

“I used to dread the lines at the airport, but now the process is so much smoother and faster,” said frequent flyer Carlos Martins. “I’m really impressed by the improvements that LATAM Brasil has made.”

LATAM Brasil plans to continue investing in digitalization to further improve the travel experience for its customers.

Digitization reduces passenger wait times
PR-MYM LATAM Brasil Airline on a runway © LATAM Airlines

Digitalization Reduces Passenger Waiting Time

One of the airline companies in Brazil, LATAM Brasil has implemented some kind of digitalization strategy that has allowed them to significantly reduce passenger wait times. Digitalization can refer to the use of digital technologies to improve efficiency and productivity in various industries, including the airline industry. Some examples of how digitalization might be used in an airline include the use of online check-in, mobile boarding passes, self-service kiosks, and automation of various processes. Interestingly, LATAM Brasil has implemented a measure of digitization that allows a reduction in passenger wait time.

Benefits of Digitization
LATAM Brasil Airbus A350-941XWB PR-XTE departing JFK Airport ©LATAM Airlines

Benefits of Digitization

Digitization refers to the process of converting information into a digital format. In the context of the airline industry, digitization can have several benefits for users.

One benefit of digitization is that it can make the process of booking and managing flights more convenient and efficient. For example, users can search for and book flights online, rather than having to call a reservation center or visit a travel agency in person. 

Digitization can also make it easier for users to manage their flights, such as by allowing them to check in online, select their seats, and access their itineraries and flight information on their mobile devices.

Another benefit of digitization is that it can provide users with more options and customization when it comes to their travel experience. For example, users may be able to choose from a range of fare classes or purchase additional services, such as in-flight entertainment or meals, through an airline’s website or mobile app.

Overall, digitization can provide several benefits for airline users, including greater convenience, efficiency, and flexibility when it comes to booking and managing their flights.

LATAM Brasil has taken a step to implement digitization to reduce passenger wait time. It is a welcomed development and air travellers will hope that all the airlines will follow suit. 

What do you think of LATAM’s digitization? Please leave a comment below. 

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