Korean Air Providing Pre-ordered Meal Services for Prestige Class Passengers

Korean Air has started offering pre-ordered food to its Prestige Class passengers on international flights departing from Korea starting from January 1, 2023.

Customers can choose their favourite meals in advance on all foreign flights leaving from Korea, except for short-haul routes with a flight time of fewer than 90 minutes, like those to Fukuoka and Dalian. Customers can choose their in-flight meals on the Korean Air website or mobile app between 60 days and 24 hours before takeoff.

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Prestige Class In-flight Meals

There are four types of in-flight service: First Class, Prestige Class, Economy Class and Special meal, which all provide specific features for in-flight meal services.

In Prestige Class, top-notch chefs create delectable in-flight meals using the freshest ingredients and a range of fine wines. Elegant Korean foods include bibimbap, Korean braised mackerel, spicy Korean pork with leaf wraps and steaming rice, acorn jelly and rice soup with Bulgogi beef, and Korean-style buckwheat bibim noodles.

Snacks like beef jerky, fresh cookies, ramen, and pizza are also available.

Premium wines from France’s Bordeaux, Rhone, and Alsace regions are included in the standard service. Depending on where the aircraft is going, it may also bring wines from California, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Italy, Germany, Australia, and Canada. Also provide Perrier-Jouet, a renowned French champagne brand that has been around for more than 200 years, which is the best available.


The airline will also offer other dishes only available through the pre-order service to provide customers with a wider variety of meal options. Korean Air intends to increase the number of flights with international departures.

As travel demand returns, Korean Air is constantly working to improve its customer service. The airline has recently introduced spicy pork lettuce wraps, bulgogi rice with acorn jelly in cold broth, spicy buckwheat noodles, braised mackerel, and other new in-flight meals that have received positive reviews. Korean Air will begin offering new carefully curated onboard wines in March 2023. Internationally renowned sommeliers will select these wines. Additionally, the airline intends to offer soon a vegan menu item inspired by Korean cuisine.

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