Air Astana

Air Astana has released a new pre-flight safety video on the eve of Nauryz, the traditional spring holiday in Kazakhstan. The video seamlessly combines stunning images of Kazakhstan’s natural beauty and culture with important safety messages.

The new style of safety videos aims to raise awareness of Kazakhstan’s identity, natural beauty, and culture as well as draw passengers’ attention to flight safety regulations.


More than 100 people contributed to the creation of the video, including director Aisultan Seitov and Kazakh composer Emil Dosov, who composed the music.

Vice President of In-flight Services of Air Astana, Yelena Obukhova said

“The magnificent nature, culture and traditions of Kazakhstan have inspired the concept of the new Air Astana safety video. During the video, passengers will not only learn about safety rules, but also enjoy viewing the landmarks of our country and hopefully be inspired to explore the unique character of Kazakhstan in person”.


About Nauryz

Kazakhs celebrate Nauryz, a significant celebration that ushers in a new year. Beginning on March 21, which is the day of the spring opening, it is observed for several days. Large and small cities, villages, and festival hubs are all turned into yurts—traditional nomad homes during the Nauryz holiday.

Kazakh yurts

The most significant meal of the day and a central Nauryz symbol, Nauryz kozhe is prepared only for this day. Nauryz kozhe is unique due to its peculiar recipe. Nauryz kozhe normally has seven ingredients, though some of them may change.

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The fundamental list is as follows: One kind of grain, like rice, corn, or wheat, milk or yoghurt, salt, meat, water, and meat are all necessary. The seven elements stand for, among other attributes or qualities, contentment, success, wisdom, health, riches, agility, and security.

About Air Astana

Almaty, Kazakhstan, is home to the group of airlines known as Air Astana. From its primary hub, Almaty International Airport, and its secondary hub, Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport, it operates 64 scheduled domestic and international services.

Air Astana
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On May 15, 2002, Air Astana operated its inaugural flight after being established around the end of 2001. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has granted Air Astana Part 145 accreditation, which allows it to maintain its fleet in conformity with EASA requirements.

It runs more than 40 local and foreign routes. More than 5,000 highly competent employees, the bulk of whom are from Kazakhstan serve its passengers, who are also assisted by qualified foreign workers.

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