Just In: New Japan Airlines Update on Routes

Just two weeks after the last flight plan, there has been another Japan Airlines update on the routes it currently serves. With borders slowly opening up, the airline is still dedicated to providing customers with the safest travel possible.

Japan Airlines aircraft sits on runway.
Japan Airlines has released its newest updates regarding flight routes | © Anna Zvereva

The Newest Japan Airlines Update is Announced

The flight plan for the period between October 30th and January 31st has been released and things are looking promising for travellers from Europe, Hawaii and other parts of Asia. However, the uncertainty of the environment could still mean changes at any point of the period in question, the airline warns.

From December, flights from Narita International Airport (NRT) to Frankfurt Airport (FRA) are to expect an increase in frequency, making it a daily route. Other routes, such as the Hong Kong – Haneda route, will resume on October 31st as passengers will be able to make round-trips between the two countries.

Wide view of Honolulu International Airport. Ocean is visible.
One of the routes scheduled to see an increase in frequency is the Kansai/Chubu-Honolulu route | © Robert Linsdell

Japan’s Tourism Sector Set to Steadily Improve with Borders Opening Up

During the end-of-year/New Year period, Japan Airlines hopes to increase the number of flights operating the Kansai/Chubu-Honolulu route. This airline update also mentions the Narita-Kono route which is set to begin during this period, too.

As of September 7th, Japan eased its restrictions to the point of allowing 50,000 daily travellers through its borders (which was more than double what they were allowing previously). The restriction laws set by Japan following the COVID outbreak have meant that their tourism sector has suffered over the past two and a half years, and so the choice to bring in more air traffic is one that the majority of visitors and locals are embracing.

View of station sates in Japan's Narita International Airport.
Passengers will hopefully be able to see routes become more frequent this coming season | © Mister0124 via Creative Commons/ SONY DSC

Before eager travellers begin their journey to Japan, it is strongly advised for all passengers to check entry restrictions and quarantine measures closer to the time of travel as they are subject to change. You can do so here.

Have you been to Japan before? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below!

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