by Luke Will

Intern at Travel Radar

As a growing media publication in the UK, we’re keen to inspire and encourage the next generation to explore careers in the Aviation & Media sectors. We run a range of Internship, Work Experience & Placement Year schemes throughout the year, to offer opportunity and insight to students.

Why Intern at Travel Radar?

We offer a range of programs covering many departments and fields. These include Business Placements (Social Media, Marketing, Business Administration, PR/Communications and HR), Creative Placements (Journalism, Editorial, Graphic Design, Videography and Photography) and STEM Placements (Finance, Data Science and IT)

Since our start in 2015, we have gone on to become one of the leading voices for aviation news online, with a strong presence in the industry. People know and trust the Travel Radar brand, and a placement with us is an excellent start in the industry.

Our Internship program is a rich schedule with a mix of work in your chosen area/department, opportunities to explore and see other department’s, and a minimum of one ‘industry day’ with a leading industry partner.

All of our programs are flexible with the options to complete 100% virtually, 100% in-person or hybrid with a mix of them both. Moreover, we offer a range of dates and times to fit alongside studies and/or other commitments.

Internships offer the perfect opportunity to grow talent, and many students have since secured freelance/part-time contracts with Travel Radar following completion of their program. Whether with us or elsewhere in the industry, our Internship Team will be here to support with CV development and securing future work.

Program Details:

Work Experience Placements:

Designed for KS3 (Year 10/11) and KS4 (Year 12/13) Students

The Travel Radar Work Experience Program runs twice annually in the Easter & Summer Terms. Placements last between 5-10 days (1-2 weeks) and designed for KS3 and KS4 students looking to gain experience of working within a Media Publication.

Jr. Internship Placements:

Designed for KS4/Level 3 Students

Our Junior Internships are perfect for KS4/Level 3 students (BTECs, City & Guilds or A-Level courses) looking for a longer and more in-depth placement within an industry company. Programs are ran thrice a year (September, April and July) and are flexible around the study program need’s.

Internship Placements:

Designed for Undergraduate Students:

Our Internship Placements build on the skills gained in Work Experience or Jr Internship positions and offer a comprehensive program of insight and work in a FTE position within Travel Radar. Programs are ran thrice a year (September, April and July) and are flexible around the study program’s need.

Placement Years:

Designed for 3rd/4th Year Undergraduate or 2nd Year Postgraduate Students

Travel Radar can offer placement year’s for students on Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses looking for experience within an organisation. Program runs from September-February (6 month placement) or September-July (10 month placement)


Acceptance onto any Travel Radar program is subject to application, interview and selection. Moreover we ask:

  • Students are on an accredited course with a School/College/University — confirmation from the institution will be required


  • Working English Proficiency  is required for all positions and students should be able to speak, write and communicate well in English (native/fluency is not required, just a good working proficiency)


  • UK/EU Based – Our programs require either residence in the United Kingdom or European Union with valid student status if you do not hold citizenship. 

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