Instagram’s Most Popular Cruise Destination Revealed for 2023

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, those seeking to travel the world opt to do so from the comfort of a cruise ship. With the ability to see many countries and landmarks all in one trip without the hassle of multiple flights and hotel hopping, as well as an increase in travel envy from those living out their holiday dreams through social media’s lens, Slingo has cultivated Instagram’s most popular cruise destination of 2023 so you can book without feeling left behind.

Finding the right cruise on a budget

But first, while wanting to have the experience of a lifetime, unfortunately, the budget must also be considered. However, Slingo has found the most affordable cruises, with Princess Cruises coming out on top. With a reputation for their extraordinary Alaskan cruises (more on that later), they offer an all-round experience for an average of £1,204 pp.

Celestyal Cruises closely follows this; with an average price of £1,336 pp, they are well known for their offshore excursion opportunities- perfect for those eager to explore more of the world.

For just under £40 more, however, Celebrity Cruises offer a more luxury experience, cruising around the Mediterranean for a smaller price tag than you would likely expect, where they offer luxury dining and entertainment included in that price!

Check out the table below to see how other well-known cruise lines compare.

Top 10 most affordable cruises
Top 10 most affordable cruises © Slingo

So, what is the most popular cruise destination?

With the rate of those looking to holiday since the COVID-19 pandemic still climbing, the search volume for specific cruise destinations has also increased to satisfy tourists’ travel wants and needs. Over the last year, cruises to the Atlantic Islands have increased search volume by 250% for those wanting the ideal summer trip. However, this is closely followed by searches for the Norwegian Fjords, with a 235% increase in those seeking a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Top 10 most popular cruise destinations
Top 10 most popular cruise destinations © Slingo

Instagram’s Most Popular Cruise Destination Revealed

Social media proves time and time again the number one place to seek out your dream holiday, and Slingo has found society’s most sought-after location: the Caribbean. With over 149.9k Instagram hits and 63.6 million TikTok views for the term ‘Caribbean Cruise’, tourists are eager to glimpse what these beautiful islands offer.

While many associate a cruise with a holiday sailing along beachy coastlines, the second most popular destination is, in fact, Alaska! With 18.7 million hits on Instagram, Alaskan cruises allow you to visit many glaciers and dock in various US port towns.

Finally, those seeking a more historical cruise have made The Nile the third most searched-for cruise destination, with the opportunity to see the Giza Plateau Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings along such a cruise!

Here, you can see the top 10 cruise destinations according to Instagram hits.

Top 10 most popular cruise destinations on Instagram
Top 10 most popular cruise destinations on Instagram © Slingo

What is your dream cruise destination? Let us know in the comments!

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