IndiGo on a Roll as It Launches New Flight Routes in India

IndiGo is India’s leading airline, a position it has attained through years of significant investment in domestic air travel in India. IndiGo’s air travel services are based on three principles: punctuality, low fares, and providing passengers with a stress-free travel experience. These principles are the driving forces behind IndiGo’s domestic expansion, which aims to improve domestic connectivity between India’s rapidly developing cities.

King of domestic flights

IndiGo serves 101 destinations and over 70% are within India’s borders. Since the airline’s inception, it has connected various routes across the country, pioneering flights on some routes that were previously only accessible by road. India has a total area of 3.287 million km² and the second largest population in the world; these numbers cannot be catered for by road and rail systems alone. Hence the need for a reliable air travel network, and IndiGo is doing a great job of answering the needs of the Indian populace.

IndiGo logo and operating principles
IndiGo logo and operating principles| © IndiGo

Latest domestic routes

In its recent press releases, IndiGo has announced some new domestic flight routes connecting parts of the country that are new to air travel and some existing routes that now have direct flights.

IndiGo Interrior
IndiGo Aircraft interrior| © IndiGo

See the list below for the recently announced flight routes:

  • A new direct flight between Jodhpur (the blue city) and Jaipur (the pink city of India), both destinations being tourist spectacles. This flight route will connect both cities with other parts of India and connect tourists to the wonders of India’s art and historical infrastructure.
  • IndiGo launches flights between Bengaluru and Kolhapur, making it the first airline to fly this route. This new route will reduce a tiring 7–8-hour journey by road to a 1-hour, 45-minute trip by air.
  • A new flight route between Hubballi and Pune will be operational from February 5, 2023. It is the first direct flight between both cities, and the flight route will help improve regional commercial relations.
  • The airline announced a new flight route connecting travellers to India’s best beach destinations. The flight route will connect Kochi and Raipur through Goa, extending IndiGo’s tentacles and connecting various regions of India to central India.
  • Responding to travellers’ increased demands, IndiGo has launched a direct flight route between Pune and Dehradun. This new flight route connects business and leisure travellers to the renowned IT hub in Pune.

A reliable airline for Indians

IndiGo operates over 1,000 daily flights to domestic and international destinations, a remarkable feat that can only be accomplished by a dependable airline. Astonishingly, IndiGo fulfils these daily flights while upholding its principles of punctuality, low fares, and a stress-free travel experience. These achievements are due to the airline’s fantastic staff and its reliable fleet of aircraft.

IndiGo Aircraft
IndiGo Aircraft| © Amit_8, Pixabay

 Either conveying across India or going beyond the shores of India, IndiGo stands proud as a reliable travel airline with a stress-free travel experience.

What airline will you be flying on your next visit to India?

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