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Frequently Asked Questions - Image Uploads

All images in the main Travel Radar Image Gallery are uploaded by members like you! 

Images uploaded to our wallpapers section are specially curated by our inhouse team of Photo Screeners and Photographers. Accessible to Economy and Business Class Members, our wallpapers section has over {INSERT HERE} wallpapers for every screen sized from the iPhone 13, through to 50 inch computer monitors. Take a browse, and see what takes your fancy!

The author grants all guests and members the permission to use photos in the gallery for non-commercial, personal, use, with proper attribution. The proper attribution of the author (in the format: “Copyright © display name/author’s name” or “© display name/author’s name”) must not be removed, even if used for personal use.

Any usage or licensing rights exceeding these Terms of Use can only be granted by the author of the respective aircraft photo. The author can be contacted via the link (Contact Photographer) provided next to each aircraft photo. Note, you may require a Travel Radar account in order to contact authors.

Yes. Images in this section are owned by Travel Radar and you are granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, worldwide and royalty-free license to use the aircraft photos and/or additional content. You may use these for personal or commercial use, without attribution of Travel Radar or the named author. Note, in order to access this section you will require a Travel Radar Business Class Membership. 


Your membership may be terminated by the member or Travel Radar at any time for any reason. The member’s termination notice can be sent to Travel Radars Support Team via any contact method found here.

Upon receipt of the termination notice, the membership will be terminated and the member is no longer able to log in. When the membership is terminated, Travel Radar reserves the right to close the member’s account and, within the period of one month, delete all related data, including, amongst others, aircraft photos and additional content as well as comments and messages written by the member. At this point, all data will deemed to be removed, including your uploads/photos.

Travel Radar’s image gallery is only for commercial aviation: This includes aircraft, airports, cabins and miscellaneous photos that fit this niche. By uploading aircraft photos and/or additional content, the member assures to be the sole owner (author) and copyright holder of these photos and additional content. The member also assures, that he/she is entitled to grant Travel Radar all the licensing rights required by this agreement and that no rights or licenses contradicting this agreement have already been granted to third parties.

The member (author), who uploads aircraft photos and/or additional content through his/her membership account, indemnifies Travel Radar, as well as its members and guests, from any third party claims resulting from the culpable violation of these terms and the rights granted therein.

If a third party files a claim against Travel Radar due to a culpable violation of obligations by the author, especially relating to violations of copyright, personal rights, property rights or intellectual propery rights, the author indemnifies Travel Radar from any liability and costs.

This also applies, if a member or guest is held liable by a third party for a breach of his/her obligations towards an author in connection with the transfer of usage rights.

Yes. The author’s name will be displayed on every uploaded photo. If technically feasible, this will be done by Travel Radar in the following format: “Copyright © display name/author’s name” or “© display name/author’s name”. Your name will also be automatically watermarked onto all uploads. Travel Radar will ensure you are the obvious and clear author/copyright holder, and will never claim ownership or copyright of your photos.