Iberia Boosts Flight Frequency to the US

As the winter season fast approaches, the Spanish airline Iberia announces a boost in their flight frequency to their already established US destinations. This move is one of many made this year by the airline to strengthen its bond with the American market.

Collage of eight US destinations that Iberia boosts flight frequency to, 4x2.
Iberia is set to fly more frequently to their US destinations, starting this October | © Iberia

More Fun to be Had in the States as Iberia Boosts Flight Frequency to Key Tourist Destinations

Beginning October 29th, Iberia will now be offering more seats than they did back in 2019, the year before the pandemic hit. A reported 589,000 seats are going to be on offer, which is a 15% increase from the amount two years ago. As well as this, more flights will be operating to their US locations, too, up to 2,000 during the winter period. This will show a 21% increase in flights compared to their 2019 statistics for the same period.

This summer saw the airline expand its services to serve eight destinations in the US. These destinations include Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Puerto Rico.

Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA. Ocean takes up floor (right to left).
Passengers with Iberia will be able to more locations within the US this coming season | © Blake Everett

The US Locations That Will See Significant Change This Winter Season

So, which routes will be affected?

Flights to Miami, Dallas, and New York will see their frequency boosted in the next months. Miami will go from 10 weekly flights to 14 weekly flights (which totals up to two daily flights a week). New York will see 10 weekly flights upgraded to 13 and, eventually, 14 by March 2023 to operate on par with Miami’s frequency. The airline’s Dallas service was only initiated this summer and currently operates at three weekly flights – but by June of next year, Iberia hopes to make the Texan city a daily route.

As the winter season draws to a close next year, flights to Los Angeles will see a change in aircraft to the A350 in order to hold a larger capacity of travellers to the popular city. This will be happening in April 2023, however, it’s not the only route that will be seeing a plane upgrade as Dallas is set to offer more seats aboard the airline’s A330s. As the main hub for American Airlines (Iberia’s partner in business), Dallas proves to be a route that welcomes a lot of incoming travellers, which allows it to be maintained during the winter period.

Teatro Real, Madrid, Spain.
In Iberia’s wish to bring Spanish culture to the US, the renowned Teatro Real will be performing in the US for the first time | © Zarateman

Madrid, Meet the States

Iberia’s commitment to bringing Spanish culture to the States is one that they’ve been keen on in order to gain better recognition and generate more traffic. The US has proven to be their biggest market, and so what better way to get people visiting Spain than to bring a taster of all it can offer to their doorstep?

The Teatro Real, Spain’s leading institution for the performing arts, will be performing in New York tomorrow as part of Iberia’s plans to bring Spanish culture to the States. The performance in Carnegie Hall is sponsored by the airline and will see the orchestra play for an American audience for the first time ever.

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