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IAG to power 10% of flights through sustainable fuel by 2030

by Callum Tennant

International Airlines Group (IAG) has committed to powering 10% of its flights through sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2030.

A green push

 The move by IAG will help reduce its emissions two million tonnes, the equivalent of taking up to one million cars off Europe’s roads each year.

The conglomerate has also become the first airline group to extend its net zero commitment to its supply chain. Speaking about the announcement IAG’s Chief Executive, Luis Gallego, said that “despite the current pandemic, we remain resolute in our climate commitments”.

However, he stressed that “Government support is [will be] critical to meet this target, by attracting investment to construct sustainable aviation fuel plants that will deliver enough supply for the airline industry”.

What are SAFs?

 Sustainable fuel comes from feedstock, rather than traditional jet fuel, and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%.  SAFs are currently mixed with traditional jet fuels, usually around 50% SAF to 50% traditional fuel. This percentage is known as the blend. The higher the blend, the less carbon an aircraft will emit.

Europe’s aviation industry said in its Destination 2050 report, published earlier this year, that if SAFs were given “strong political support”, then they could account for 83% of all jet fuel by 2030 (SAFs currently make up just 6%).

Who are IAG?

IAG is a large airline group, the group owns five airline brands: British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling and Level.

The group has made significant investments decarbonising its operations and was the first airline group to commit to net zero by 2050. The group has also invested in ZeroAvia, a tech innovator which is one of the market leaders in sustainable aviation.

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