Satellite Image of Hurricane Ian
Satellite Image of Hurricane Ian taken on the 26th September © NOAA

Hurricane Ian ramps its ferocity as it’s upgraded to Category 3, leading to possible flight disruptions in the area.

State of emergency declared

A state of emergency has been declared in Florida as Hurricane Ian threatens to strengthen into a Category 4, with winds reaching as high as 140mph. The hurricane is expected to hit land in Florida in the middle of the week, along with anticipated ramifications for airports in the Caribbean. American Airlines (AA) has already provided 20 Western Caribbean and Florida airports with a travel alert, allowing customers who may be forced to reschedule their upcoming flights a chance to rebook. As well as this, AA is providing the most at-risk city evacuation flights at reduced prices whilst allowing carry-on pets to travel for free. 

Satellite image of Hurricane Ian approaching Western Cuba
Hurricane Ian approaching Western Cuba |© College of DuPage

Airport disruption to be expected

Additional travel disturbance ensues as Tampa International Airport announced on Monday night that it would suspend operations as of Tuesday, September 27th; however, Orlando International Airport reassured fliers on Monday night that there were no planned cancellations due to Hurricane Ian. Nevertheless, the Airport staff are carrying out preparations for the storm as they prepare to tackle any potential damage. Meanwhile, St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport also announced its temporary closure on Tuesday after informing fliers that the last flight would occur at 11:22 am before closing the terminal at 1 pm before the Pinellas County evacuation.

Other airlines set to be impacted at Orlando International airport are Aer Lingus, Air Canada, Alaskan Airlines, Allegiant Airlines and Delta Airlines. Most offer a waiver for impacted flights between September 25th and September 30th. Passengers expecting to travel via air to or from Florida and other affected regions should continue to check travel news outlets for travel updates.

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