Hong Kong Express Kick Off Rebrand With A321neo Delivery

Hong Kong Express (UO) acquired its first Airbus A321neo last week, alongside the release of its fleet expansion plan.

The city’s low-cost carrier (LCC), Hong Kong Express, showcased its latest arrival of an Airbus A321neo at a ceremony in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Express Airbus A321neo
The Airbus A321neo arrived in Hong Kong last week, showcasing the company’s new logo. © HongKongExpress Facebook

The Airbus A321neo features the new logo on its livery, and it also marks the official kickstart of the airline’s rebranding project. The A321neo registered B-KKA have 236 seats installed, close to its maximum seat capacity of 244. The cabin seats are configured to be 18 inches wide, allowing passengers to fly with comfort. CEO Mandy Ng also suggests the A321neos will be fitted with a larger overhead storage area, most likely as part of the Airspace package offered to all A320s from 2020 with an improved design allowing more storage area but occupying less cabin space.

15 More Airbus A321neo To Go

This recent delivery of the Airbus A321neo is the first aircraft received out of the 16 A321neos in total, aimed to be fully delivered by the end of 2024. The airline targets to resume the level of operations to pre-pandemic level by the end of the first quarter of 2023, with up to 400 flights scheduled per week.

HK Express said:

“With a forward-looking brand identity, the new brand positioning – “Gotta Go” – aims to encourage spontaneity and invoke a new, free-spirited travel attitude, appealing to our target customer who is bold, dynamic and lives in the moment.”


HK Express CEO Mandy Ng suggests the airline is taking advantage of the anticipated bloom in the aviation of Hong Kong post-pandemic.

“The upgrade marks another milestone in our history as we continue to expand our footprint in Asia, while remaining committed to modernising our operations for a better and more sustainable future. The delivery also demonstrates our confidence in the Asian market, with Hong Kong making a full comeback on the global stage.”

HK Express currently operates 27 aircraft, including five Airbus A320ceo, 10 A320neo, 11 A321ceo and one A321neo. The average age of the fleet is 5.7 years.

Rebranding Details

The rebranding features a more simple and more straightforward approach to resonate with the new corporate identity the company wishes to convey. The new logo is a stylised “e” that symbolises a new journey with the company’s signature shade of purple. The end of the “e” is highlighted with a new secondary colour of light blue instead of the shade of bright red used in the previous logo.

The Airbus A321neo B-KKA features the CFM LEAP-1A32 powerplants, with a max thrust of up to 143.05 kN (32,160 lb) for takeoff. The installation of the Neo engines will reduce fuel consumption by 20% as compared to previous engine choices. The LEAP engines are also said to have improved noise performance and up to 50% of reduced NOx production, allowing the airlines to meet various emission standards set by ICAO. This might just be the right move for Cathay Pacific to meet its carbon emission commitments by 2050. 

Hong Kong Express A321neo LEAP CFM
The new delivery features the CFM-LEAP engines with reduced fuel consumption and emissions. © HongKongExpress Facebook

HK Express Eyes More Airbus Deliveries With Cathay Pacific

Acquired by flag carrier Cathay Pacific back in 2019, Hong Kong Express has since been positioned to fill the LCC needs of the city, with a particular focus on Japan and Korean flights. Currently, HK Express is serving 13 destinations within Southeast Asia, including cities in China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam. The airline is hoping to take advantage of the reblooming of the aviation industry within Southeast Asia post-pandemic.

Recently, Bloomberg reported that Cathay Pacific, alongside Hong Kong Express, is seeking short-term solutions to acquire up to 50 Airbus A321neo to re-establish its network within the region. Aircraft lessors are preferred as Airbus SE has its delivery schedule filled until 2029.

Cathay Pacific Airbus A321neo
Mother company Cathay Pacific had acquired A321neo from Cathay Dragon. © Cathay Pacific

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