Hong Kong Airlines and Swissport Partnership to Extend in Japan

The partnership between Hong Kong Airlines is set to be extended, with the two companies extending their long-standing ground handling contract at two Japanese airports. The new partnership will run until 2025.

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The new partnership runs until 2025 and covers cargo and ground services at Kansai Airport near Osaka and at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.

“We are pleased to extend our successful partnership with Hong Kong Airlines in Japan, we’re looking forward to seeing their aircraft and volumes return back to pre-COVID numbers as travel restrictions continue to ease across much of Asia.”- said Brad Moore, managing director of Asia Pacific at Swissport.

Post pandemic recovery

Just like many other Southeast Asian airlines, Hong Kong Airlines is one of the many that were impacted by Covid and are showing signs of recovery in the aviation industry. The Swissport partnership extension is one to help both Europe and Asian economies, as well as drive tourism to non-capital cities.

“Swissport Japan is honoured to continue providing services to on of our key customers in Kansai and Narita,” says Stephan Kaeser, director and COO of Swissport Japan.

“The extension of the partnership is the result of our close and fruitful cooperation which never ceased throughout the ongoing pandemic in Asia, and we value the trust from Hong Kong Airlines. We look forward to continuing to deliver day in and day out for them.”

Earlier this year in March, Swissport announced it was targeting an “ambitious” acquisition plan and has appointed Pablo von Siebenthal as the global head of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to head up the project.

Prior to the pandemic, Hong Kong Airlines operated up to three flights per day to both airports from Hong Kong International Airport using A350, A330 and A320 aircraft. The airline operates a fleet of 32 aircraft serving over 40 destinations across different continents.

Will the extended partnership help the passenger carrier recover from its losses due to the pandemic? Comment below your thoughts.

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