Green Lit: Norse Atlantic Gains Permit for US Flights

Congratulations are in order for Norwegian airline Norse Atlantic as it secures a foreign air carrier permit from the US Department of Transport. The permit gives permission to perform transatlantic flights between the UK and the US, allowing the airline access to the highly valued US market.

Norse Atlantic aircraft rests on runway.
Norse Atlantic has been given the green light to begin plans for transatlantic flights | © Malcolm Nason

Norse Atlantic Gains Permit to Operate Transatlantic Flights Between UK and US

The efforts to gain authorisation to fly across the Atlantic were by no means simple: the request had the support of multiple organisations (such as the Cockpit Association of Norway and BALPA) alongside business leaders and politicians in order to gain credibility. As well as this, the airline had to demonstrate its financial and physical ability to operate flights overseas – both of which Norse Atlantic was able to prove.

The airline will now be able to perform direct flights from its base at London Gatwick to major US destinations, to the convenience of their passengers and to target routes that are not currently being served directly. Bjorn Tore Larsen, Norse Atlantic Airway’s CEO, had this to say in a recent statement:

“We are very thankful for the support that we have received on both sides of the Atlantic throughout our application. This milestone represents a huge step in creating competition in the transatlantic market that will benefit consumers, stimulate business travel and lead to job creation.”

Generated image of Norse Aircraft flying through clear skies towards the sun.
Norse Atlantic plans to include US destinations in their summer 2023 schedule | © Norse Atlantic Airways

Norwegian Airline Secures Permit After Gaining UK Air Operator’s Certificate

The news of Norse Atlantic gaining a US permit comes after the airline’s recent announcement of receiving an air operator’s certificate (AOC) for travel to the UK in September.

Flying from London Gatwick was an essential part of the new airline’s plan to expand its network to places throughout Europe, as well as across the Atlantic. Gaining the AOC for UK travel was therefore a huge milestone for the Norwegian airline, which Larsen expressed in a statement made at the time:

“We are proud to be employing local pilots and cabin crew at our London Gatwick base and have established close working relationships with the British pilot union BALPA, the cabin crew union Unite and the American cabin crew union AFA. We look forward to ramping up our operations between London and the US ready for our Summer 2023 schedule.”

As we anticipate the US destinations Norse Atlantic Airways will be flying to next summer, we can’t help but congratulate the airline for how far it has come since its founding last year. The future is truly looking promising!

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