Greek Aviation to Have its First Technical Support Ecosystem Through AGEAN

In one of Europe’s first “green” hangars, AEGEAN invests 140 million euros in constructing the nation’s first Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Facility alongside a pilot and cabin crew simulation facility.

Maintenance and Support centre (MRO)

The construction of Greece’s first Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Facility as well as Flight Simulators Center is being carried out by AEGEAN with a 140 million euro investment. The extroversion and competitiveness of the Greek aviation sector are supported by this investment, which also gives AEGEAN a fresh perspective and more excellent value. An investment that, when fully realised, is expected to generate more than 1,100 new high-skilled jobs, both direct and indirect, for five to seven years. The Greek government is expected to benefit financially during the concession term thanks to tax collections and contributions totalling more than 400–450 million euros.

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The development of a technical base with up to 10 positions for aircraft maintenance, repair, and technical control is part of the maintenance and support centre (MRO).

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Up to six cutting-edge flight simulators for the leading airline types are used in the simulation and training centre for pilots and cabin crew members, along with capabilities for conducting specialised training for cabin crew.

AEGEAN Investment Support

AEGEAN and AIA formally agree to lease the former Olympic Air technical base in the Athens airport for more than ten years to maintain, modernise, and buy new equipment alongside operational and energy improvements. With this investment and mainly through the growth of AEGEAN’s human competence, the airline establishes a contemporary, integrated ecosystem of support services for air travel and the industry.

The engineering training school of Olympic Air and the pilot training facility of AEGEAN, both of which are successfully running organisations, will join the ecosystem. As part of the project’s technological modernization and energy upgrade of the building facilities, one of the first “green” hangars in Europe will be built in one of Europe’s “greener” airports with the installation of 35,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels with a power generating capacity of 3 MW, or 4,4 GWh annually.

Final Statements By Chairman & CEO

AEGEAN Chairman Eftichios Vassilakis stated:  “we are creating a hub, an aviation ecosystem for maintenance and training services, with significant added value for the local aviation industry and strong extroversion potential while filling a significant gap in the entire aviation industry. This investment is bringing back in Greece a vast range of services that up to date have been performed abroad whereas at the same time and, upon maturity, it creates a new dynamic and full potential maintenance and 3rd part training center. Through this investment Greece and Athens International Airport are being positioned in the map of international aviation support services.  At the same time, it creates opportunities for upskilling, reskilling and growth for our people and many new job opportunities in an industry with a strong growth perspective”. 

AEGEAN CEO Dimitris Gerogiannis commented: “With our new investment, we further enhance the competitiveness and technical capabilities of AEGEAN and expand our operations.  At the same time, we provide a viable solution for the entire aviation industry in Greece, by supporting the prospects and dynamics of the sector in a expanding international market with strong potential. With a strong environmental orientation, fully harmonized with our company’s wider sustainability roadmap, but also with a strong social, environmental, and national positive impact. Having though, at its epicenter our human capital. Our goal is that all pilots and engineers of the Greek airline sector to have worked for AEGEAN and acquired their skills. To become a talent and skills incubator for AEGEAN’s people and the country.”

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