Glasgow Airport evacuated

Passengers at Glasgow Airport found themselves in the middle of an evacuation and lockdown after police were called to the scene at around 6:00 this morning. The incident occurred due to fears surrounding an unknown item found in a passenger’s bag during luggage checks.

Taking precautions

Police Officers joined the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal and two Scottish Fire & Rescue Service crews after the “suspicious” item was called in at 5:55 Monday morning. Passengers were moved to either the car park or the airbridge after sections of the airport were forced to close as a precaution. Those waiting outside were given supplies such as emergency foil blankets and bottles of water provided by the staff. As well as this, travellers were offered hot drinks by volunteers from the Salvation Army whilst they waited to hear news from the police.

Glasgow Airport evacuated after 'suspicious item' found in luggage
Efforts were taken to keep passengers warm whilst waiting outside | © John Devlin


Some were inconvenienced 

Upon confirmation that the item was of no risk to passengers and airport staff, passengers were allowed back inside at around 12:30 after a gruelling 6-hour wait. However, the delays caused by the closure of check-in desks and search areas meant that many travellers missed flights and connecting flights to various destinations, forcing them to make alternate arrangements.

Looking on the bright side

Despite the hassle caused by the situation, some prospective fliers tried to make the best out of a bad situation. In a bid to keep warm, many of those waiting decided to take part in a car park dance session in which the small group enthusiastically danced around to Tony Orlando’s renowned ‘70s hit ‘Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree’. The short burst of entertainment provided a moment of amusement for those waiting laboriously in the cold.

Glasgow Airport released a statement on its Twitter account at 12:11, announcing that the incident had been “stood down” before thanking passengers for their patience.

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