Gate to Gate – An Innovation in Passenger Luggage Delivery

by Ajay Prakash
Luggage piled up in a baggage trolley

Recently, Vistara Airlines announced the extension of its ‘Gate to Gate’ luggage delivery service. Under this service, the luggage is picked up from the passenger’s home and delivered to their destination residing place. Vistara had started this pilot on March 13 on its Delhi-Mumbai flights in association with the luggage transfer company CarterX. Phase 2 of this rollout now includes Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

The airline spokesperson said –

Based on customer feedback and several other observations, we plan to introduce this service in other markets as well, progressively. Hyderabad and Bangalore are already in the pipeline for phase 2 of rolling out this service.”

Travel Radar had discussed the Ten Post Pandemic Trends For Air Travel last month. This service delivers on the requirements of ‘contactless’ check-in as the bags are handed over to the airline agent in your presence.

About CarterX Operations

Once the order to transport the luggage is confirmed, the passenger has to upload a security declaration. The pickup at the passenger’s place is contactless. Every piece of luggage is first sanitized and then packed with a tamper-proof double-layer material.

Vistara Gate To Gate Process Flow

Vistata Gate To Gate Process Flow

Customers can track their bags online till they are delivered to their final destination.

For more information, visit the CarterX website or their Facebook page.

CarterX, also known as CarterPorter is an Indian startup formed in 2017.

Harshavardhan, the Director of the company said –

We aim to improve the customer experience by taking the logistical strain away from the airlines and airports and ease the hassle of luggage transport, bag drop, and check-in for travelers,”

Currently operational in Hyderabad and Bengaluru airports, CarterX plans to expand to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai shortly.

Other Domestic Airlines Jump on the Bandwagon

CarterX Customer Airlines

CarterX Customer Airlines

In the highly competitive domestic market, no airline wants to be left wanting to introduce newer services. Each airline has branded this service. Vistara calls it as Gate-to-Gate, Indigo 6EBagPort, and Air Asia FlyPorter Transfers. All go through CarterX as the delivery partner.

Who Will Use This Service?

Looking at the CarterX website, a two-bag transfer in Hyderabad costs equivalent to the cost of taking a taxi (INR 1153 about $16). So, going directly from home to the airport one may as well carry your bags.

Cost of Gate To Gate Service by CarterX

Cost Of Transfer – CarterX Website

The service is handy if one has other businesses within the city before reaching the airport. Carrying heavy bags is a nuisance and adds significantly to travel costs. Similarly, after checking out from a hotel, one can handover the bags to CarterX and go hands-free all day long.

This service for sure will help business travelers. For that first business-travel has to pick up in the country. What are your thoughts on this new innovative airport baggage transfer service? Do write back to us in the comments section below.

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