What Are the Perks of Using Fuerteventura Airport Car Hire?

Fuerteventura Airport can be the gateway to your next vacation and an introduction to the Spanish lifestyle of the Canary Islands. If you are reading these pages, we can deduce that you are diligent and have spent the whole year working on your material and personal development. But you need a holiday, and the Canary Islands are a perfect destination that ticks all your complex requirements.  By using Fuerteventura airport car hire services, you could effectively see the whole island and take advantage of every potential landmark that was on your list. In addition, a rented car gives you flexibility and can help you explore Fuerteventura at your own pace.


Fuerteventura airport is visited by millions of tourists every year, and these travelers need quality services to start their adventure in the Canary Islands on a good note. From souvenir shops to juice bars, nearly all your needs can be met in the first few minutes after landing. Moreover, if you’re interested in car rental at Fuerteventura airport, it’s good to know you have plenty of companies to choose from, including Hertz, Sixt, or Alamo. But you are probably someone who needs more information, so in the following article, we will discuss why you would want to rent a car for your Fuerteventura trip, and we will give you some information about the offerings of this lush island.


It’s All About Flexibility

By turning to Fuerteventura airport hire services, you are first and foremost helping your family experience the best the island has to offer in a fast and efficient way. True, Fuerteventura has a well-developed public transportation network, and taxis will always be an option, but using a car rental at Fuerteventura airport can help you explore everything in a cost-efficient way that will be more beneficial for the peace of mind of your loved ones.


What kind of car could you rent? That’s up to you. Do you have a valid driver’s license, and are you over 21? Then you could choose any vehicle category for your brief excursion to this island. Fuerteventura airport car hire companies stock different models to choose from that could take your holiday to the next level.


Do you want something small and sporty? Then you might choose a Renault Clio. Do you instead prefer practicality and off-road capabilities? Then you might be interested in a Hyundai Tucson from a company specializing in car rental at Fuerteventura airport. Whatever your car preferences are, you’ll probably be able to find them at the Fuerteventura airport car hire stands. At the same time, whatever kind of motoring adventure you’d like to experience on this island, it’s probably achievable.


What Should You Know About Fuerteventura?

The origins of the island’s natives are shrouded in mystery, but what is certain is that nowadays, Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, which are part of Spanish territories, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Due to the high number of visitors, the island’s road network underwent significant modernization projects over time. Today, the road infrastructure in Fuerteventura is top-notch, which can help you reach scenic and previously hard-to-reach locations.


From the gorgeous backdrop one could see while cruising on the FV-1 to the convenience added by the FV-2, driving in Fuerteventura is an absolute pleasure that can delight any motorist. Furthermore, because the terrain is generally flatter than in other Canary Islands, the difficulty of these roads is also significantly reduced. However, it would be best to remember that your rented car will only be insured for paved roads, so dirt roads that link access to specific beaches will remain out of your reach.


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Where can you go for a drive? © AirportFuerteventura

Where to Go for a Drive?

You just left the company’s office specializing in car rental at Fuerteventura airport, and now you want to find a road suitable for your driving skills? Then you’re in luck, as Fuerteventura has some of the most scenic routes in the northern hemisphere. Do you want to drive through dunes and potentially meet endemic animals? Then you might be interested in the road section linking Corralejo to Cotillo. Would you like to be constantly near the coast? Then visit the island’s south and tour the famous beaches near Jandia.


Do you like roads with tight bends that require extra attention? Then pass the Morro Velosa statues, and head towards Betancuria on the FV-30 route. What’s ahead? Some of the most spectacular scenery in the Canary Islands. You can then continue to Gran Tajaral, or if you wish, you can stop in Antigua. The road network on the island is well-developed, and using a company specializing in car rental at Fuerteventura airport can help you explore everything you want in a manner that doesn’t deprive you of freedom.


Or perhaps you wish to drive to your accommodation in Puerto del Rosario. Either way, using Fuerteventura airport car hire services can allow you and your family to enjoy unforgettable moments that will become precious memories as time passes. From the dunes of Corralejo to the turquoise waters of El Cotillo, a private car could take you to the places you want, at any time you desire, in a fast and cost-efficient fashion.

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The beautiful of Fuerteventura © Wikimedia Commons

Why Should You Visit Fuerteventura?

In short, because this island represents a perfect combination of natural wilderness and modern infrastructure. Some of the most spectacular beaches in the Atlantic Ocean can be found in this small paradise, and the constant wind makes Fuerteventura one of the best places for thrill-seekers. Ultra-modern resorts, delicious food, and welcoming people are just a stone’s throw from the airport. And by using Fuerteventura airport car hire, you could experience all the offerings of this corner of heaven while your family enjoys the tranquility they deserve.

With an average annual temperature of over 23 degrees Celsius, Fuerteventura is a true oasis for sun and sea lovers. From diverse cultural attractions to breathtaking natural landscapes, Fuerteventura is one of the best tourist destinations you can discover, and using the services of a company specialized in car rental at Fuerteventura airport may be your ticket to a truly successful holiday.

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