Frontier Airlines Promotes ‘Grandparents Fly Free’ Deal

This autumn, American low-budget carrier Frontier Airlines is offering 100 grandparents the opportunity to fly with them for free through their ‘Grandparents Fly Free’ promotion. This deal will allow 100 grandparents to travel carefree without having to stress at all about the cost.

In America, today’s date officially marks the celebration of Grandparents as it is indeed Grandparents Day. Therefore, Frontier Airlines’ implementation of this promotion deal comes at the perfect time, allowing grandparents to fly comfortably.

How will it work?

The 100 grandparents that are lucky enough to gain this privilege will be selected at random as a result of nominations. Currently, Frontier Airlines has an entry page on their website that individuals can fill in and can vote for their grandparents or anyone that symbolises this position to them. The application can be supported with a photograph. It provides people with the opportunity to share a special time that they have had with the nominee and finally an event that they would like to experience with them. The winners of the draw will then not only gain access to free travel from September to October but they will also win a $250 flight voucher that they can use at their leisure for both domestic and international flights.

Why have Frontier Airlines created this deal?

Frontier Airlines has stated that their ‘grandparents fly free’ deal has been introduced to remind everyone that travelling with family is important. As we are now approaching the ‘off-season’ travel period, it is the perfect time for families to go abroad without the hassle of overpacked airports. Frontier Airlines Vice president of marketing, Tyri Squares stated that family travel was at the heart of their decision of the deal.

“We’re proud of our strong commitment to families and our ability to bring them together affordably and conveniently thanks to our ‘Low Fares Done Right.’ This promotion is a fun reminder that fall is a great time to travel and experience some treasured family time.”

If you have any grandparents or a figure that represents this that you would like to nominate and treat, today is the final day so apply quickly!

What do you think about the Frontier Airlines Grandparents Fly Free deal? Share your comments below.

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