United Airlines mobile game Cleared to Land
| © United Airlines

United Airlines has offered another upgrade to its in-flight entertainment on its mobile app with the addition of a new air traffic control game – Cleared to Land. 

The game is available in the United’s app Game Centre, allowing all travellers the opportunity to get involved regardless of whether you are onboard a flight with seatback screens. 

United gives YOU control 

Not many of us will get to experience the organised chaos of a real-life air traffic control operator. But United Airlines’ latest mobile game offering will at least allow us to get close. 

Cleared to Land is United’s new air traffic control game where players will be able to guide planes to specific runways while carefully avoiding other aircraft nearby. 

All you need to get playing? Your phone and United’s app downloaded onto it.

The game features five different aircraft from United’s innovative and sustainably-kind “fleet of the future” such as the Maker eVTOL from Archer Aviation and Boom Supersonic’s Overture, allowing travellers to be introduced to United’s future aircraft and grow accustomed to its names, appearance and features. 

United Cleared to Land Mobile App
United’s new mobile app game in action. | © United Airlines

Jason Flint is Director of Digital Products at United. He commented on the carrier’s latest mobile game launch and why it is important for United to grow its Game Center portfolio:

“Every day, more than one million United customers use our mobile app for their travel needs, and we’re committed to delivering new offerings that provide a uniquely United flying experience. By launching Cleared to Land, we’re expanding our Game Center portfolio to provide even more valuable content and entertainment for our customers whether they’re on the ground or in the air.”

Cleared to Land joins United’s Flight Simulator game, which debuted in late April. Both games aren’t just a fun way to pass the time onboard a flight –  the Star Alliance carrier wishes to educate and inspire an interest in aviation beyond what the average traveller may behold across all ages.

And for those naturally on the curious side, it’s always fun to absorb new knowledge in a lighthearted manner. 

Cleared to Land is available to play now! Share your thoughts on United’s latest source of in-flight fun in the comments below. 


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