Exciting Bag Tracking App Launched by Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport has launched a bag tracking application that allows passengers to track their luggage in response to the many difficulties airports face with the number of lost baggage reports.

The demand for air travel has increased considerably this year, with some airlines reporting their first profits since the pandemic. Others have had excellent quarterly reports, such as Singapore Airlines, which has made two financial profits reports for the second quarter.

Changi Bag Tracking App

It is the first airport in Southeast Asia to launch an app, allowing passengers to track their luggage at all times at Changi Airport. It was established in late 2021 and aimed to improve passengers’ travel experience.

The iChangi app is running this month and has been beta tested, available only to passengers of participating airlines arriving, departing or connecting at Changi Airport. Passengers travelling to or from Changi Airport can track the status and receive updates on their luggage upon arrival.

Passengers simply need to scan their baggage tag via the iChangi app to see their baggage journey from check-in, through the baggage handling system, to loading into containers and onboard the aircraft.

Exciting Bag Tracking App Launched by Singapore Changi Airport
Exciting Bag Tracking App Launched by Singapore Changi Airport | © Matteo Morando

Lufthansa’s ban on Apple AirTags has raised many questions about passengers who had trouble finding their luggage at airports due to strikes and staff shortages. However, the airline has now reversed its decision to allow them. Air New Zealand has banned Apple Airtags from checking bags on its flights, considering them dangerous as part of their safety policy

Air New Zealand has released a statement on these devices, saying,

“Products such as the AirTag and Tile electronic devices that cannot turn off; dangerous goods regulations currently prohibit them from being carried in checked-in luggage. As part of Air New Zealand’s safety management system, a review of these products will likely occur in early 2023. Following this may undertake discussions with the regulatory authority.”

Passenger safety is always a priority for airports and airlines. Using battery-powered devices at the edges of these spaces will continue to raise questions. The world is beginning to return to its pre-pandemic routine, and the efforts of airlines and airports to improve the passenger experience are welcome. Alaska Airlines has also launched its tracking application, the first to do so in the United States.

Do you think these devices remain helpful for travellers? Please let us know.

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