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EVA Air Pilots Digital Platform For Covid-19 Test Verification

by Chantal Welch

EVA Air has announced that it’s working with digital-solution provider Affinidi and Singapore’s Changi Airport in a programme that uses a digital platform to verify passengers’ Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test results.

EVA Air Boeing 787-10

EVA Air Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner © Boeing Newsroom

Safeguarding Passenger and Crew Safety

From the start of the pandemic, Taiwan’s leading independent airline EVA Air has made every effort to safeguard passengers’ and crew members’ health and safety. It’s earned recognition as one of the “World’s Top Twenty Covid-19 Compliant Airlines” with “Seven Star Certification for Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention.”

EVA Air has actively pursued the development of digital verification platforms throughout the pandemic. It began by monitoring digital platform development and cross-border application standardization, to enable international systems to connect and prevent the spread of Covid- 19. The Taipei-based carrier has been working alongside airlines and industry businesses to develop a reliable digital platform for verifying passengers’ PCR test results and Vaccination records.

EVA Air A330-300

EVA Air A330-300 © Masahiro Tayagi via Wikimedia Commons

How Does the Digital Platform Work?

The pilot progamme, in collaboration with Singapore-based Affinidi and Singapore’s Changi Airport, will use the Affinidi digital platform to verify passengers’ Covid-19 PCR results for Singapore-Taipei services. However, the airline plans to eventually extend the programme to services from Malaysia and Indonesia to Taipei. If the trial is successful, EVA Air will evaluate implementing digital systems on other services.

QR Code

QR Code on mobile phone © Lukas via Unsplash

The Affinidi digital platform works by accessing QR codes from medical institutions. At airports, airline ground staff can scan the QR code to quickly determine the authenticity of test results and whether the passenger meets the relevant policy requirements in their destination country.

In a previous trial, EVA Air found that, on average, digital verification saved passengers as much as 5 minutes of wait time and prevented human error in analysing test results. The benefits of digital verification were that it improved passengers’ experience at the airport, offered them peace of mind, and boosted operation efficiency significantly.  Affinidi’s digital credentials ecosystem solution succeeds in shortening the check-in and verification process for passengers while protecting data privacy.

EVA Air Boeing 777

EVA Air Boeing 777 ©Vincenzo Pace via JFKjets.com

David Chen, Executive Vice President of EVA Air said:

“By using Affinidi’s digital verification solution, EVA expects to eliminate human errors stemming from individual interpretation of test results. This will not only improve the passenger experience at the airport but also boost operational efficiency.  Affinidi’s solution provides trusted assurance on the verification process and is able to read and authenticate health credentials of varying standards and formats from over 14 global providers.”

Man waiting to fly

Man waiting to fly ©Yousef Alfuhigi via Unsplash

International travel is likely to resume as Covid-19 vaccines are rolled out across the globe. Digital health verification systems will no doubt make it easier for travellers, airline staff and immigration to verify test results. Digital innovation is key to airlines’ recovery as we have seen many global airlines such as Etihad, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Vueling Airlines, and Delta embrace digital to find end-to-end solutions. Solutions which, not only improve the passenger experience but also define the future of post-Covid-19 travel.

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