Europe’s Worst Airline For Flight Delays Revealed

In a new analysis, it has been found that Wizz Air is Europe’s worst airline to experience delays flying from UK airports.

Wizz air worst airline
© Wizz Air

The analysis took into account all scheduled and chartered departures from UK airports by airlines with more than 2,500 flights. Canceled flights were not included in the analysis.

Wizz Air 2021 worst airline

The Hungarian carrier, Wizz Air operates short-haul flights from 10 UK airports including Belfast International, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Gatwick, and Luton. Their counterpart TUI Airways recorded the second worst punctuality, with an average delay of 13 minutes and 18 seconds.

Longest average delay for departures from UK airports in 2021

  1. Wizz Air: 14 mins 24 secs
  2. TUI Airways: 13 mins 18 secs
  3. British Airways: 12 mins 42 secs
  4. Virgin Atlantic: 12 mins
  5. Logan Air: 11mins 30 secs
  6. Air France: 11 mins 12 secs
  7. Lufthansa: 10mins
  8. KLM: 8 mins 42 secs
  9. Eastern Airways: 7 mins 48 secs
  10. 7 mins 42 secs

Overall, the average delay was eight and a half minutes per flight. It is very likely that the delay times have worsened in 2022 as it has been one of the busiest years for the aviation industry due to factors such as remote work, staff shortages, airline cabin crew strikes, as well as the backlog caused by the pandemic.

Paul Charles, chief executive of travel consultancy ´The PC Agency´, said:

“Holidaymakers have faced a barrage of disruption over the last few months, and these latest figures only serve to underline the need for urgent reform of the travel industry.

The Government must drop plans to slash passenger compensation for delayed and cancelled domestic flights. Worsening flight delays have caused enormous stress to many consumers over the last year, as well as financial pain while waiting for refunds and compensation.

Airlines, airports, and air traffic control teams need to work together far more closely and ensure that flying becomes more seamless and more enjoyable for us all. That will only happen when staff shortages are properly overcome and the aviation industry can grow again post-pandemic.”

The difference in statistical flight delays between 2021 and 2022 will have a massive difference as a result of the excessive summer demand this year. Let us know in the comments which airline has the worst delay in 2022.

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