Engine debris falls from United Airlines flight into residential area

by Callum Tennant
Engine debris next to a house

Large sections of an engine fell from United Airlines Flight 328, after the aircraft experienced engine trouble shortly after take-off. The debris landed in a residential area, narrowly missing hitting a house in one instance.

Eyewitnesses describe hearing a loud bang and seeing an explosion in the right-hand engine of flight UA328. Unverified footage appears to confirm this.

Jason Ackerman, who lives close to where the incident took place, said that he heard what sounded like a “sudden thunderstorm”, followed by “several seconds of rumbling”.

Data from Flightradar24 shows Flight 328 returning to Denver International Airport less than 25 minutes after it had taken off. Footage from Troy Lewis showed passengers cheering and clapping as the flight touched down, with visible damage to the right-hand engine. One worried person posted on Twitter, saying that her parents were on the affected flight and that she hoped everyone was okay.

Broomfield Police said that there had been “no injuries reported at this time”. The police force also urged people not to touch or move any debris.

This is a breaking story, we will continue to bring you more information as more details emerge.

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