Emirates’ Newest Multi-Billion Dollar Investment

Earlier this week, Emirates announced the beginnings of their newest investment for customer experience – a multi-billion dollar fleet retrofit project. This is the largest known refurbishment project for an airline, as they set to upgrade the interiors of 120 aircraft.

Engineers on an Emirates Aircraft testing panel removal.
Trials for the refurbishment plans began in July © Emirates

Aircraft interior to receive overhaul

The aeroplanes to be refurbished are the Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, scheduled to gain over 4,000 new Premium Economy seats and a whole new cabin design. The refurbishment plans will begin with the airline’s A380s, to which Emirates owns the world’s largest fleet, with 67 aircrafts being redesigned over the first period. The operation will be in effect over the next two years, with the hopes of refurbishing four aircraft monthly.

Infographic detailing the new plans to upgrade Emirates' Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircrafts.
The multi-billion dollar investment will be going towards completely upgrading 120 aircraft  © Emirates

Icons in the sky: Emirates A380 and B777

The A380 is a wide-bodied aircraft with two full-length decks equipped with a maximum seating capacity of 853, making it history’s most significant civil aircraft. It has a better fuel burn and CO2 emissions output by 33% compared to its predecessor ,and currently flies to 50 destinations with the airline. As well as this, the aircraft’s suites of first-class flyers are equipped with a private mini-bar and shower spa, which would sound good to anyone looking for the whole luxury experience.

The Boeing 777 is the world’s largest twin-engine jet, and Emirates’ fleet currently flies to 119 destinations. The plans to upgrade 53 of their 134 777 aircraft will see their customers experience a new interior design and improvements in menus and seating. Recently, First Class has seen new menus already in place, with passengers flying in Business and Economy class expected to see their new menus beginning in September. 

Emirates premium economy section. Flight attendant stands beside row of chairs with a face mask.
All sections of the aircraft will endure a complete design makeover, including panels and seat coverings © Emirates

Get to know the airline

Known for its style and service, Emirates has been recognised as an airline that provides its customers with an exceptional experience onboard its aeroplanes. Last year, they were awarded the Business Traveller Middle-East Award for ‘Best Airline Worldwide’ for the 8th consecutive year. That same year, they also won the awards for ‘Airline with Best First Class’ and ‘Airline with Best Economy Class. The airline currently flies to 152 destinations.

The retrofit plans will commence in November of this year as the A380s begin their complete makeover, which the refurbishment of the B777s to follow. Emirates hopes to complete their plans by April 2025.

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