Emirates to Celebrate Diwali This October

This year, the festival of lights takes to the skies as Emirates plans to celebrate Diwali onboard flights to and from India. Delicacies linked with the festival will be served in flight (and select lounges) to all classes to celebrate the five-day festival.

Emirates flight attendant with red lipstick smiles in cabin, holding small box in hands.
Emirates will be celebrating the five-day festival onboard flights | © Emirates

Emirates to Celebrate Diwali By Offering Delicacies on Flights To and From India

Customers looking to fly to India this month will be in for a treat (or two!) as Emirates plan to expand its current menu to include delicacies associated with the widely celebrated festival. From 23rd-28th October, passengers flying with the airline will be able to enjoy sweets and desserts in Economy, Business and First class.

Diwali, also known as Deepawali, is a festival that takes place in India and is celebrated by faiths including Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. The celebration lasts five days and happens in the autumn period, the dates depending on the Hindu lunar calendar. It is widely known as “the celebration of the victory of light over darkness”, however, some see the festival as a celebration of the wedding between the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, and Vishnu.

In Economy, passengers will be offered matichoor laddu alongside their breakfast – a popular Indian sweet that comes in different shapes and sizes. The deep-fried flour balls are usually infused with a blend of sweet spices that are sure to get customers in the festive spirit.

Passengers in First and Business class will be able to enjoy mixed nut tribooj – a rich blend of milk, spices and flavoured nuts (such as cashews and pistachios) that come with an edible silver leaf to garnish the treat. Other delicacies offered to the First and Business classes include vegetable samosas and angoori rabdi – a combination of cream cheese and saffron-infused milk, making a dreamy dessert.

A selection of Diwali sweets arranged on a dark table cloth, surrounded by diya lights.
A selection of sweets and desserts, including motichoor laddu and mixed nut tribooj, will be offered during flight | © Emirates

Festival Season: Celebrating Diwali in Emirates Lounges

The festivities will not just be happening in the sky. Passengers in Emirates Lounge Cape Town will be able to enjoy delicacies such as nankhatai (an Indian shortbread cookie) and jalebi (spiral-shaped sweets that are made with flour and yoghurt) while they wait in the airport.

All customers will be offered a selection of classic Bollywood films onboard their flights to India through Emirates’ award-winning entertainment system, ice. Further information on the delights the airline will offer can be found on their website.

Have you ever celebrated Diwali with Emirates? Let us know about your experiences below!

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