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In a shocking incident, a drunk passenger attempted to open the emergency door mid-flight on Friday on an IndiGo flight from Dehli to Bengaluru. The incident caused panic among passengers and crew members on board.

According to reports, the passenger had consumed alcohol before boarding the flight. He reportedly got up from his seat and tried to open the emergency exit door.

What Actually Happened?

Indigo Airlines
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Indigo flight crew has had to deal with another unruly passenger, only this time, the passenger attempted to open the emergency exit door mid-flight.

The cabin crew immediately sprang into action and managed to stop the passenger from opening the door. The pilot was alerted of the development, and the flight crew was able to diffuse the situation.

Upon landing, the unruly passenger was handed over to the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), and the local police later arrested him. He will be charged with endangering the safety of passengers on board the flight.

The incident has raised concerns about air travel safety, particularly in light of the increasing number of incidents involving unruly passengers. The Civil Aviation Ministry has recently proposed a new set of rules that will allow airlines to ban unruly passengers from flying for up to two years.

IndiGo has also issued a statement confirming the disruption. Thus, stating it will take strict action against any passenger who violates safety norms on its flights. However, the airline did not specify when the incident occurred during the flight.

“The passenger on board flight 6E 308 from Delhi to Bengaluru attempted to open the emergency exit flap while in an intoxicated state. The crew members noticed this violation and informed the captain, who took appropriate action. Despite the incident, the safety of the flight was not compromised, and the disruptive passenger was handed over to CISF upon arrival in Bengaluru.”

The airline has urged passengers to refrain from consuming alcohol before boarding flights and to follow all safety protocols.

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Bottom Line

The incident has also sparked a debate on the issue of alcohol consumption on flights. Some experts have called for a complete ban on alcohol sales on domestic flights, while others have suggested that airlines should limit the amount of alcohol that passengers can consume on board.

As air travel continues to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, incidents like these serve as a stark reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety of passengers and crew members on board flights.

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