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Denmark is set to change their travel plans. | © Nick Karvounis

The Danish government hopes to introduce a flight tax by 2025 to reach the net zero-emission goal by 2050.

flight tax, danish government Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark
Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark Credit: Valery Collins

As many airlines are slowly introducing the use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), green tax incentives are added onto airfares as a way for passengers to support the fight against climate change.

The Danish government plan to introduce a 13 kroner tax on flight tickets to finance zero emissions on domestic flights.

“Air travel is – you have to be honest when looking at climate change – a sector that pollutes too much,” Climate and Energy minister Dan Jørgensen said at a briefing held at Copenhagen Airport.

Why flight tax

The Nordic country is falling behind its neighbours Norway, Sweden, and Germany, who have already imposed green aviation taxes on their local and international couriers at a higher level than that proposed by the government.

The proposal defines green flights as being 100% fuelled by sustainable aviation fuel sources and without fossil fuels. Green domestic flights in Denmark would have a limited impact on the country’s carbon footprint as international flights comprise 2-3% of Denmark’s overall CO2 emissions, domestic flights only make up a few per cent of Denmark’s emissions from aviation.

The 13-krone tax, which could be adjusted in 2024 and 2029 in accordance with price changes as well as other economic factors, will be spent on green conversion, tax minister Jeppe Bruus said at the briefing.

“This is not a case of this tax helping put more money in state coffers but a contribution towards converting to green energy which we need on our air transport,” -Tax minister Jeppe Bruus

Do you think the flight tax incentive will help governments, as well as airlines, reach their goal of net zero emissions by 2050? Let us know your thoughts on it.


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