Collision At Heathrow Airport Involving Icelandair and Korean Air

Two aeroplanes collided at Heathrow Airport in London on Wednesday evening. The collision was minor, with a Korean Air aircraft clipping the tail of an Icelandair aircraft.

It has been reported that two aeroplanes collided on the tarmac late on Wednesday evening at Heathrow Airport. It has been confirmed there are no known casualties, and emergency services responded immediately. Flight KE908 was heading to Seoul while flight FI454 was waiting for further instructions from the control tower after landing moments before.

Icelandair aircraft suffers scraped tail from Korean Air aircraft at Heathrow Airport
The Icelandic aircraft will be undergoing intensive repairs on its tail after making contact with a Korean Air aircraft © Unknown Source

Flights cancelled following Heathrow Airport incident

The Korean Air 777-300 (registered HL7782) was taxiing out for takeoff to Seoul, South Korea, before its left wing clipped the tail of an Icelandair 757-200 (registered TF-FIK) that was awaiting guidance to park at the gate.

It is reported that the Icelandic airline will need to make repairs before flying back to Reykjavik, resulting in the flight being cancelled. The aircraft will require a new rudder which can be an expensive and lengthy process.

Emergency services were quickly called to the scene. However, no injuries have been reported. Some witnesses have claimed that up to ten police cars surrounded the Korean aircraft, alongside multiple fire engines from London Fire Brigade.

Korean Air aircraft collision with Iceland aircraft at Heathrow Airport
Passengers were told to disembark flight KE908 heading for Seoul due to “safety reasons” © Unknown Source

A spokeswoman for the airport confirmed the incident and that appropriate measures were being taken.

“No injuries have been reported but emergency services are attending to ensure all passengers and crew are safe and well.”

A spokesperson for London Ambulance Service stated that multiple resources were provided for the incident, including a hazardous response team to ensure all passengers were safe.

“We attended a reception centre for passengers but nobody required treatment or needed to be taken to hospital.”

On-lookers took to social media sharing the drama unfold

Passengers and on-lookers have taken to social media to share their experiences.

Before being told about the clash, passengers were informed that the Korean aircraft would be delayed due to technical problems.

One passenger onboard the flight heading to Seoul stated in a tweet that passengers have been asked to leave the aircraft for safety reasons. Passengers were told to bring all carry-on luggage with them off the plane but have not been informed by the airline as to when they will be able to next fly out.

Dan Sabbagh, defence and security editor at The Guardian, was also onboard the flight. In a tweet, he assured that passengers could not feel anything from the inside and there was no apparent danger or injuries.

It is expected that there will be no significant impact on departures or arrivals, but passengers can contact their respective airlines for status updates if concerned.

The incident is now under investigation.

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