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Last week, Air Canada received a letter from four of Canada’s MPs addressing the lack of direct flights between the country and Punjab state Amritsar, India.

Canadian MPs address lack of direct flights between Canada and Amritsar

Further Details

MPs Tim Upaal, Jasraj Singh Hallan, Bradley Vis, and Mark Strahl wrote a letter to Air Canada, Canada’s flag carrier, in an attempt to build ties between Canada and Amritsar and help increase tourism in India. Despite there not being any direct flights available between the two destinations, there is a huge Indian community living in Canada at present.

According to the 2021 Census, an estimated total of 950,000 Indians living in Canada are Punjabis, and many of them tend to travel back to Amritsar frequently for business purposes as well as visiting friends and family.

Currently, it is possible for those living in India to board an Air Canada flight from Delhi to Toronto. Those travelling to Delhi from Canada have the option of flying from either Montreal or Toronto. The Montreal service towards Delhi operates three times a week, whilst Air Canada’s Toronto – Delhi service occurs once a day. Travellers can also board a daily flight to Mumbai from Toronto via London Heathrow with Air Canada.

However, due to there being a lack of direct flights to Amritsar, those travelling between the two countries are forced to make various stops before reaching their final destination, decreasing the comfort level of their journeys.

In the letter, the MPs stated that,

“As Canadian MPs representing vast and diverse communities, we write to highlight the significant economic and social value in establishing direct flights between Canada and the state of Punjab.”

The Benefits of Direct Flights

Building ties between the state of Punjab and Canada will surely reassure travellers as their flight journeys would become less hectic and expensive in the process. When travelling on a layover flight, there are multiple risks that passengers can face, such as the possibility of losing their belongings or missing their connecting flights.

Therefore, the implementation of direct flights to Amritsar would decrease the chances of these incidents taking place and be a positive move for travellers living in both countries.

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