British Airways Tightens Belt Around Social Media Policies for Pilot and Crew Members

There was an ample amount of mixed reactions to British Airways’ new directive to its workforce, as it released a statement announcing that it is now against the rules to use social media (particularly Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook) while on the job. 

British Airways aircraft
British Airways aircraft | © Simon Dawson / Reuters

Naturally, news of this social media ban kicked up a stir amongst employees, who feel that this restriction is eerily similar to censorship. Some of these employees have taken to Twitter and other platforms to express their discontent. A British Airways captain said on Twitter, “Sad to say that I, like many of my colleagues, will no longer be posting any content relating to my role at work owing to new social media guidelines.”

Asides from feeling “gagged” by the airline, employees are also discontented because they have accrued a notable social media presence and large follower bases through consistent multimedia posts taken at choice destinations. There is even a hashtag page on Instagram dedicated to the British Airways cabin crew (#BAcabinstaff) containing pictures taken of staff conducting their duties and also outside of work.

What British Airways is Saying

However, British Airways denies the intent of censoring its employees. In a bid to clear the air about the issue, they issued a statement to the media stating that the airline is not stopping any employee from posting on social media, but in an effort to maintain safety guidelines and protect the privacy of its passengers, photos can only be taken and posted during sanctioned periods, like during breaks and outside working hours. 

The flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom insists that the directive was released as an addendum to pre-existing contractual terms and conditions regarding safety regulations.

They further stated that the guidelines have remained unchanged, and the goal of the policy was to clarify the rules for its personnel and include a policy requesting “colleagues to not post on social media when professionally engaged in their job (such as serving customers during the flight or flying the aircraft itself).”

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