British Airways Launches Daily Flight To Bermuda

Jetting off to paradise just got much easier with this announcement from British Airways.

The UK-based airline carrier has announced a daily flight to Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport, with two additional weekly services scheduled throughout the Spring and Summer of 2023.

Seven BA planes parked on airport tarmac.
A daily flight to Bermuda will start on 26th March 2023 | © Wael on Pixabay

Pandemic Recovery

Flights will start from London Heathrow on 26th March 2023 and continue until at least October of the same year, supporting the surge in business and leisure travellers the island experiences during the peak season.

The new flight schedule will allow British Airways to reintroduce the first daily flight from London to Bermuda since the pandemic struck in March 2020, reducing flight path frequency for the long term.

Before this announcement, travellers wanting to escape to the shores of Bermuda had limited options, with just five direct flights per week on offer from the carrier.

With the introduction of this new timetable, a seven-day island escape is now possible for travellers without having to cut their holiday short to suit the carrier’s timetable. The announcement also boosts British Airways’ flight numbers, returning the airline services to pre-pandemic frequencies on this flight path.

Any new flight routes are good news in the current climate. Flights have still not reached their pre-pandemic levels and with coronavirus restrictions still in place in many countries, it’s exciting to see the reintroduction of these daily flights to Bermuda.

Reception From Bermuda

Reaction to the news from the Bermuda tourism board has been positive, with Interim CEO at Bermuda Tourism Authority, Tracy Berkeley, thanking British Airways for providing UK visitors with more flexibility and convenience in getting to Bermuda.

She said: “We are beyond excited to continue showcasing our special island, inviting UK visitors to feel and experience Bermuda the way we Bermudians do.”

Bermuda has also announced that effective from 14th November 2022, passengers will no longer require a Travel Authorisation form, making it easier for travellers to visit the island even before the flight frequency is due to increase.

The new flexible schedule paired with easier access to the island allows travellers to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the destination and the authentic experiences on offer for at least six nights, if not more.

Sandy beach with blue sea. BA introduce daily flight to Bermuda.
Bermuda is known for its golden sandy beaches. | © Larry White on Pixabay

Boost To Bermuda Tourism

Bermuda expects the new daily flights to bring tourism back to pre-pandemic levels.

To celebrate the announcement from British Airways, the Bermuda tourism board has been showcasing some of the exciting experiences tourists can expect to enjoy during a trip to the North Atlantic island, including exploring the countless shipwrecks, experiencing the local seafood cuisine, and enjoying the beautiful beaches.

If seafood isn’t an option, vegan chef Doreen Williams James, creator of Wild Herbs and Plants of Bermuda, offers a foraging tour through the Bermudian wilderness. She’ll take the time to show guests edible fruits, vegetables and herbs, allowing tourists to experience an authentic nature gathering with a superb tasting menu created with the spoils of labour.

Adventurers can also venture off-the-beaten-path to the locally known ‘Tom Moore’s Jungle’ (Walsingham Nature Reserve), exploring 12 acres of lush forest trails, translucent waters and underground caves.

Ms Berkeley is undoubtedly excited by the prospect of British tourism to the island, saying, “Only a seven-hour flight from London, Bermuda really is the nearest faraway place with year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches, authentic experiences and mouth-watering cuisine on offer.”

Are you planning a trip to Bermuda in 2023? Let us know in the comments if this daily flight announcement changes your plans.

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