BREAKING – Helicopter Carrying a Heart for Transplant Crashes in Los Angeles

by Ajay Prakash

A helicopter carrying a human heart for transplant crashed in Los Angeles Friday, November 6 afternoon. However, luckily the doctors were able to salvage the heart from the wreckage. But while carrying the heart towards the hospital,  the doctor tripped over a metal object dropping the heart on the floor. Another member of the medical team quickly picked up the heart container and rushed towards the hospital. The doctors were able to salvage the organ.

Helicopter Crash at Keck Medicine Center, Los Angles © FOX5 News

According to Margaret Stewart of the Los Angeles Fire Department –

The private ambulance chopper was carrying a donated organ for Keck Hospital of USC when it landed on a helipad on the hospital’s rooftop just after 3 p.m. Emergency personnel were dispatched about 3:20 p.m. to the hospital in the 1500 block of North San Pablo Street.”

This was a medical ambulance helicopter that flew out of Gillespie Field, San Diego County. The human heart came from Sharp Gross Medical Center, La Mesa and was to be delivered to Keck Medicine Centre, University of Southern California (USC). The pilot was landing the helicopter on a helipad on the top of a building at the USC. While landing the helicopter tilted to one side and tipped over. There was no fire reported and neither was there any significant fuel leak. The pilot of the helicopter suffered minor wounds while no other persons on board the helicopter have been injured. No one below the building was affected by this crash but the entire area has been cordoned off for access.

Keck Medicine Center, University of Southern California

Later in the day, Keck Medicine Center issued a statement –

Keck Medicine Center is working closely with the Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles Police Department to manage and investigate the incident. Norfolk Street between Soto Street and San Pablo Street will remain closed until the area is cleared.”

The organ was safely transplanted.

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