Boeing 747 Gains New Life as Keychains

A retired Boeing 747 aircraft has found new life as something smaller than an aeroplane, a range of keychains.

A white Boeing 747 on one of the keychains with branded card behind.
The retired Corsair Boeing 747 have been made into keychains © Aviationtag

The Boeing 747 moves from air travel to pocket travel

Aviationtag has created thousands of keychains made from the parts of Corsair’s Boeing 747, the F-GTUI, following its discontinuation. The discontinuing of planes has been a common action taken by airlines post-pandemic, with major airlines such as Alaska Airlines recently announcing plans to retire some of their aircraft models in the near future.

The round-nosed aircraft coined the name ‘Queen of the Skies’ due to its long reign in the industry, celebrated its 51st year in January. Corsair’s first 747 debuted in 1991 and with just over two decades under their belt, its manufacturing came to a halt as customer demand for the large aircraft decreased and airlines began seeking more efficient models.

However, rather than letting the plane sit in a ‘boneyard’  for the rest of its days, Aviationtag turned the beloved aircraft’s scraps into souvenirs that come in five colours ranging from white to dark blue.

Production of the making of Boeing 747 keychains
The Corsair Boeing 747 will continue to be remembered despite being scrapped © Aviationtag

Get to know Aviationtag

As early as 2006, the team at Aviationtag have collected airplane parts with the intentions of turning each piece into ‘one-of-a-kind’ pieces of collectable history. A few buyers of retired airplanes have been known to turn the aircrafts into restaurants and hotels, such as the JumboStay located at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport, however the tags made by Aviationtag hold slightly more sentiment to them. Each tag is issued with its own serial number in the case of it being lost, and its portable nature means that lovers of the beloved aircraft can have a physical token of aviation history.

The Boeing 747 tags are currently being sold on the Aviationtag website with prices starting at €24.95.

Would you buy a keychain made from your favourite airplane? Let us know in the comments below!


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