Aspiring Commercial Airline Pilot Awarded Winning Prize through The Aviatrix Project

Aspiring commercial airline pilot and recent Aerospace Engineer graduate, Emilia John-Baptiste, was recently awarded the valuable Pooley’s Flight Training manuals, covering topics from Flight Training and Navigation to Air Law, as well as Operational Procedures and Communication through The Aviatrix Project. The prize also included vital equipment to aid her Private Pilot License, including multiple aviation maps.

Emilia John-Baptiste, winner of the Pooley's flight manuals
Emilia John-Baptiste, winner of the Pooley’s flight manuals © Emilia John-Baptiste

From a young age, Emilia told Travel Radar that she has been working towards the goal of becoming an airline pilot. To aid this, she has now secured a Bachelor of Engineering Degree. While her love still lies with the ‘study and application of aerodynamics’, her studies have opened her eyes ‘to the many areas of engineering’ which has ‘sparked an interest in space exploration’.

About the competition

The Aviatrix Project competition ran from 28 April 2023, with five lucky winners selected June 2023 to win the extensive set of manuals. The project was also offering a range of taster flights for aspiring pilots as well as 20 simulator flights available for those wanting a taster of what it is like to be a qualified pilot.

A vital step taken to becoming an aspiring commercial airline pilot

Aspiring commercial airline pilot, Emilia John-Baptiste, winner of The Aviatrix Project competition
Aspiring commercial airline pilot, Emilia John-Baptiste, winner of The Aviatrix Project competition © Emilia John-Baptiste

In addition to securing Pooley’s Flight Training manuals, Emilia was also awarded the 45-hour PPL Scholarship from the Fantasy Wings programme. ‘The Pooley’s PPL Manuals will help me achieve my career goals by teaching me the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to pass the nine PPL Ground School exams’ she said. The manuals have also ensured her the required help necessary to study the content needed for the vital exams ahead of time.

Passing on her wisdom and knowledge from growing up with one core career goal in mind, Emilia exclaimed to Travel Radar, the need to ‘always work hard’ and ‘never give up when trying to get over hurdles in life’ for others aspiring for a career in piloting or aviation. She also stressed the importance of being your ‘authentic self’ and to ‘network’, stating the cruciality of these factors and the part they play in ‘motivation and ambition’.

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