Arajet, Boeing 737 MAX Startup, Getting Ready First Service to Costa Rica

The inaugural scheduled passenger flight of Arajet Airlines, a new low-cost carrier for the Dominican Republic, took place on September 19, 2022, between Santo Domingo (SDQ) and San Salvador (ZSA), in El Salvador. The low-cost carrier network, which will cover 12 countries, offers 22 itineraries.

New low-cost carrier Arajet takes off with 737 MAX fleet
New low-cost carrier Arajet takes off with 737 MAX fleet © Arajet

Launching Inaugural Flight

On Monday, October 10th, 2022, Arajet, a new low-cost carrier, will launch its inaugural flight to Costa Rica. Las Américas International Airport (SDQ) in Santo Domingo and Juan Santamara International Airport in San Jose will be connected by the Dominican airline’s flight between the two nations (SJO). The airline has several new routes it plans to launch this month, including this one. In an effort to establish a presence in the Latin American aviation sector, the firm is rapidly expanding.

Five times each week, the new route will be flown, with one flight from The Dominican Republic going to Costa Rica on certain days and returning a few hours later. It will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Mid-August saw the start of ticket sales for this route and many others the airline had previously announced. As a low-cost airline, Arajet wants to increase ticket sales by providing consumers with discounted prices for a set fee. The cost of a round-trip ticket on the in-question route is $149.

The airline anticipates consistent travel volume from both business and leisure tourists between the two sites. Other airlines in the area frequently travel this route. Arajet is confident that offering a reduced ticket would draw passengers and gain a small portion of the market. As airlines seek to thrive in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, there is increasing competition in the Latin American air transportation market.

Future Expansion

The first flight operated by Arajet left Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, bound for Barranquilla, Colombia, on September 15. Eleven more routes have been introduced by the airline since then. Its twelfth will be this new route. The airline is attempting to take advantage of the pandemic’s increased demand for air travel. The airline plans to fly 22 flights throughout the Americas, linking 12 nations, thanks to solid demand supporting rapid growth. The airline only has these as short-term objectives. It intends to eventually create a vast network that connects locations all over the American continents. There are also ambitions to enter the US market afterward.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 will serve as the foundation of the airline’s operations. It presently has five MAXs in its fleet, all of which are leased. In the upcoming months, it plans to hire an additional 15 MAXs. The airline will need the extra planes to have the capacity to carry out its expansion goals. Arajet placed a 20 MAX 8 aircraft deal with Boeing earlier this year. In 2024, the first deliveries of this aircraft are anticipated. The airline will be forced to continue leasing until it can acquire these planes in order to maintain operations.

Because of the MAX airplane’s affordable operational expenses, the corporation decided to employ it. Due to lower initial costs, many low-cost airlines, especially new ones, start off using older secondhand aircraft. However, because of recent technological breakthroughs that assist cut fuel consumption and drastically lower operating costs, several new low-cost carriers, like Akasa Air, have started buying brand-new aircraft. Although new aircraft have a higher stated price, they will ultimately save the airlines millions in operational costs.

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